The country life has a way of keeping you in touch with the ebb and flow of nature. Of life.

The pattern of planting, harvesting, preserving, and enjoying the bounty.

Of meeting, falling in love, and becoming the best of friends with someone who you never expected to find by your side later on.

Of appreciating the seasons as they come. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Each one with something special to offer.

 Most of all I think you learn to appreciate the details. I want to savor the details of day to day life.

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I’m not always very good at it. But I want to love the feel of soft cotton when I put it on in the morning. The taste of strong coffee and my fingers on the page of a book. The closeness of a tender hug. The clouds on a fair late summer day.

The other day my mom made a loaf of fresh, warm, whole wheat bread. We sliced it, buttered it, and sat around in the kitchen together eating it on an afternoon break.

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Then I went outside and sat on the swing snapping green beans for supper.

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I enjoyed the breeze so much. There was such a touch of Autumn in the air. The sun was setting. I could smell the pine trees behind me.

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I bought this pair of J Crew shoes at a thrift shop for $8. Never worn. I felt so blessed. They matched outfits I had planned for Seth and I, perfectly.

{Thisgreeneyedgirl} J Crew Shoes

I just wanted to share a few moments from a late July day that brought me the comfort of little details that enrich daily life.

After all, the big memorable moments like weddings, holidays, and graduations come few and far between. But the small savory details and little moments with people you love come every day. They deserve to be enjoyed.



Books and Chocolate Make Life Bearable

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. ~C.S. Lewis 

ThisGreenEyedGIrl. C.S.Lewis

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Lifestyle post

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Lifestyle post .


I love aqua, grey, stripes, C.S. Lewis, chalkboard paint, and chocolate cake. I highlighted my love of those things in this post.

1.) I’ve been reading C.S. Lewis in my morning devotion time. He happens to be one of my favorite authors. I’ve read Mere Christianity before and The Screwtape Letters. Both of which I really enjoyed. I was particularly stimulated by The Screwtape Letters which chronicles the temptations of Christians from the perspective of a tempter. But now I’m reading The Problem of Pain.

“A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.”

“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken.”
from  The Problem of Pain



2.) I found this grey and white striped skirt for a great steal and it looked so comfortable that I grabbed it up. The necklace is from a thrift store. I love the color pairing here. It’s so fresh.

3.) My love of aqua spilled over to this sad worn desk. I painted it blue and painted the drawer fronts with chalkboard paint. I’ll put up a tutorial soon. The reason I did this was I just knew that every time I saw it I would smile. And it worked. It’s such a happy piece of furniture.

4.) I was reading the second book for a good reason. I was baking a chocolate cake. This is a great cook book. My favorite recipe is one I’ve fallen back on many times when I didn’t have much to work with or much time to do it. The ‘Wacky Cake’ which you mix right in the pan. It’s delicious. Not too dense but dense enough. Not too sweet but just sweet enough.



7 Tips to be a MORE FRUGAL FASHION-Lover

I think it’s pretty much common knowledge by now that I love pretty things and hate to pay pretty prices for them.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} 7tips for being a more frugal fashion lover

I loath that moment when I look at a price tag in a department store and the number screams out  “You’re not SERIOUSLY thinking about buying this when there are starving children in the world…… are you?”

I like thrifting. I like Goodwill.

I like to look like I like neither.

That’s the key.

Here are 7 of my most helpful tips to being a more frugal fashion lover.

1.) Scout and take note.

Scout out all your local second hand stores & low-budget friendly stores. These are two different types of stores: a thrift store that sells used clothing and a cheap store like Walmart, Dollar General, Shopko, Kmart, ect.

Take note of what you find and which are your favorites. Each one has something to offer. You may not want to buy the junky clothes from the low-budget friendly store but maybe unmentionables, tank tops, a seasonal item that will be out of style next year (ie. leopard print, neon, certain florals.)   The thrift stores usually have one highlight. One has great shoes, another an abundance of shirts, a different one has very mint condition clothes, another lowest prices, or a lot of name brands.

2.) Drive

You can’t drive every day. But if you don’t live in a super high-class rich area than save your shopping for a day where you’re going into the area with the fancy mall. There is bound to be a Goodwill or second-hand store near it. You’ll find the least worn-out best brands here. You’ll look like you just walked out of the fancy mall store.

3.) Know the sales.

Now that you’ve scouted out your favorites and taken note of what to get from them. KNOW THEIR SALES. One shop in my town has a daily sale. Wednesday is dollar shirt day. I always buy extra tops on Wednesdays. Goodwill marks down according to tag color. They’ll say ” Yellow tags 50% off.”  GO THEN!

4.) Make a plan.

Make a mental plan for what you know you want to buy. Then you may grab an extra piece that stands out to you but you’ll know what you’re looking for. It’s easier to go into Goodwill with the mentality

‘I’m only looking for a mint-condition striped shirt that looks fashionable to wear on my trip.’

Than ‘Oh…. well, is there anything I like in here?’

5.) Wait.

If you have your heart set on one thing (maxi skirt, leopard flats, cargo jacket) give it a little time. The urge might pass. If a month from now you still want it, buy it.

6.) Gather inspiration.

I get all my favorite catalogs in the mail. I scour through them. I look at my Pinterest clothing boards. ESPECIALLY before I shop. I pick out looks and outfits that I want to recreate. Then I go looking for cheaper options.

7.) Know what you like.

Know if a certain fabric hangs well on you. A certain cut flatters your curves. By taking note of the items you feel the most confident in you enable yourself to shop more biasedly and not buy as many things you wont wear.

Hope this was a tad bit helpful!!!

Happy shopping!


A Moment of Quiet

You’re alone. You’re sitting on a fluffy white comforter on your slightly unmade bed. There is morning light coming in the slightly open window. The first breath of Autumn in mixed lightly into the air. Your hair is still a tiny bit bed head. Leaning against the headboard you reach for a cherished book. The author joins you in your quiet moment. It’s quiet. Very quiet.

Is it quiet?

What is quiet? Do any of us truly know quiet? Does quiet even still exist in our day and age?

Oh how I relish a moment of peace and quiet. A bit of alone time. To pray. To read. To write. To think. To walk in nature. To have morning devotions. To write a letter. To ponder how to refashion a sweater and begin a the project… leisurely.

But now I ask myself…. ‘Have I ever known a true quiet?’

My pastor taught a message on being separate from the world today and music for a Godly generation. Many things stayed with me, many I’d thought about in my own life before, and one thing in particular I am thinking of now.

It was actually something one of the men of the body said afterwards in the comment and sharing time.

He was talking about taking time to work, think, read with out background music. This I do deliberately. What he said next was worth pondering.

Do we ever hear real quiet? Think about it. Right now, the fridge is humming gently. The light bulb is flickering. The fan blade is spinning. The clothes dryer is quietly tumbling. But all of this is impacting your subconscious to the point where you are mentally aware of it yet tuning it out. You think you’re experiencing quiet but in reality you are still experiencing static all around you. Your brain is processing static.

There was a time……

there was a time when you sat in a home. There was a candle burning. There was a quiet, no, noiseless cellar cooling your food. You were in an open field. You didn’t have neighbors crowded in around you or streetlights cutting through the dark of the night. You had quiet.

Be still and know that I am God.

There is a peace that comes when I take that walk. I tread lightly over the property in the early morning or as the sun sinks low and the only thing I hear is birds in their nest and frogs in the pond. All is quiet.

farmers_Quiet {thisgreeneyedgirl}

Now I strive for the true quiet. The quiet of mind. The stillness of thoughts. I tame my wild beating heart so flooded by plans, ideas, memories, regrets, hopes. All these things at one time. I try and try try again to hush my static filled soul even now as I am finally away from the modern noisy static of a culture where real quiet is unknown. I search for the soft tranquility that a farm wife must have felt on an evening walk down a path across her farm. She bends to pick a wildflower to take home to her little girl. Her mind and heart joining together for a moment of quiet, she lifts her prayer to the Lord.

And he hears.

Be still and know that he is God.


(famous painting called “Angelus” by Jean François Millet.)



Thrifting: for the love of vintage

I went thrifting yesterday in celebration of the lovely weather.

I visited Wild Duck Soup Emporium, Centerville Marketplace (restocked my booth), & Shop Til It Stops (a clothing thrift store that supports battered women)

ThisGreenEyedGirl} Thrifting.. for the love of vintage (Fondue Vintage

This is Fondue Vintage….located at Wild Duck Soup Emporium on the Centerville Square in Tennessee. I LOVE the charming colors she has in the booth.  Check out her Etsy store here!

I picked up this vintage dress and blazer for only two dollars!!!!! (and the colors go hand in hand with the colors chosen for Fondue Vintage’s booth space. I love it! Especially with the fuchsia lipstick.)

ThisGreenEyedGirl} Thrifting.. for the love of vintage..

Navy Blue School Boy Blazer with Gold buttons and plumb liner. I’ve been looking for one like this for a long time now… hard to find the exact cut I wanted, not to bulky. And I couldn’t beat the $1 price tag. All I had to do was cut out the shoulder pads.

ThisGreenEyedGirl} Thrifting.. for the love of vintage.,

ThisGreenEyedGirl} {Thrifting} for the love of vintage..The floral dress is a lovely fit and being vintage the pattern still has somewhat of a modern appeal, I think.

ThisGreenEyedGirl} Thrifting.. for the love of vintage

I paired it with a vintage red clutch with a gold detail and then reached for some of my trademark inherited gold jewels then realized that it was time to balance the outfit out with some a little more recently created. So, instead I tossed on a copper beaded bracelet which states: Peace, Happiness, Hope.

Well, that’s going to have to conclude this I’m afraid because I have a Saturday afternoon engagement which requires some cooking (and showering and outfit styling 😉 )

Remember! SHOP LOCAL! There are hidden treasures in your town no matter where you are. And don’t put a price tag on style. Meaning the opposite of what it sounds like…… don’t pay for a name. Go thrifting and look for those unique finds that don’t pang you with financial guilt but instead give you a feeling of victory as you march into the party wearing something no one else has and you only paid a buck for!!!!