love music. But have rambled back and forth over the years searching for just the right songs to float my boat.

Truth be told, to my own shame I never really listened to what was classified as “Christian” music. I searched out what was not offensive. What was pretty and enjoyable. But I just never enjoyed the genre of contemporary Christian music. I felt like most of it was fluffy, talent-less, unique noise.

Over the past couple years I’ve begun falling in love with what I’d call the ‘New Folk Movement.’ Bands with talent, individuality, instruments, strings, voices, personality, SOUND. They make me happy. Bands like Mumford and Sons and The Avett  Brothers.


The purpose of this post was to recommend to you a youtube Chanel called ‘The Good Christian Music Blog’ if you’ve ever had the same problem I had.

These people find lovely music.

Whoever they are, THANK YOU.

They have blessed me a ton. I often enjoy their Christian music. It’s different. It’s unique. SUBSCRIBE!








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