DIY: Reclaimed Wood “Home” Sign.

This was my latest project.

reclaimed wood home sign.

My Reclaimed Wood “Home” Sign. Made from a piece of chipped, white-washed, old wood I found in my barn, maple twigs I collected, and glue.

The pictures don’t really do it justice. They change the coloring a little and don’t express the texture. The texture is awesome.

But here is how I did it:

1.) I laid out the board and sanded it for a minute or so. How much you want to sand will just depend on how smooth the paint is. You want it to look chipped and “antiquey”

2.) I laid the twigs out in position. I chose the word “home” but you could do something else.

3.) I began experimenting with gluing them in place. I tried heavy-duty wood glue first… but, I didn’t think it did a very good job. I tried several. None of them had the hold I was going for and most left a yellowy residue. I finally decided to use my hot glue gun. The results were great! I layered the twigs some, after I’d gotten the letters in place. Making some places thicker, covering up little open spots. Just going along until it “looked right” to me.

Diy reclaimed wood home sign

I plan to put hooks on the bottom for hanging keys and then relocate the sign to my shop booth.

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