Sunday: Dusty Rose

Last night I stayed out watching fireworks! SO, well, I got in kind of late. Something I usually try to avoid on Saturdays so that I’ll be fresh for church on Sunday, mentally and physically. BUT….. things happen. So, then I wanted to choose something comfortable to wear today. Sort of a soft, easy, go-to type of outfit.

So this is the same.skirt.a.different.way: the high-low skirt.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Dusty Little Rose 1


The fabric of this skirt is just so light weight and comfortable. Flattering and flowy.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Dusty Little Rose 2
shirt: thrift shop purchase for $1.


I like the shirt I chose to pair with it. The band on the bottom is flattering and the color (Dusty Rose, I call it) is so soft and complimenting.

Of course, the go-to  denim jacket.

This American Eagle bag is a lot of fun. I got it thrifting in Centerville, Tennessee. (my home town) It’s got a polka-dot lining which always makes me smile when I open it. I love little details like that. They just make my day! Always pay attention to details. And I have my little ‘hippie chic’ pin pinned to the outside.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Dusty Little Rose 3
American Eagle tote: thrift store- $5 Geneva mocha colored watch: Hallmark – Christmas gift  “Hippie chic” pin: BookAMillion $1


Simple black sandals that tie together with my nerdy black glasses, which by the way, I actually got a lot of compliments on today. That made me feel good. #Thankyou guys! So, if you wear glasses but feel self-conscience about flaunting them in public, let this be a lesson to you… embrace it! Make it you! Use your style and just roll with it!

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Dusty Little Rose 4Pink Nails.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Dusty Little Rose nailpolish

The outfit title was ‘Dusty Rose’ because of the soft feeling and color of the shirt. All inspired by this lovely little rose…..

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Dusty Little Rose

What a beautiful little gift with little rain droplets on it. The rain was a gift too! We Tennessee farmers really needed it!

Lovely Sunday Night to you all!




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