A Few Quick Work Out Tips

I love working out. I know, I know. That makes me sound like the type of person that anyone would cringe at being around. Or just scratch their head and ask “why?… just why?” Like those people who say they “like math”. Uh…… you and I will not relate. What are you? Some kinda Nazi?

BUT! I promise that I am actually not that annoying person.

I just enjoy fitness. Healthy holistic eating, healthy lifestyle choices rather than diets, and fun sustainable workout habits.

I just got done doing Zumba! And while I rest I thought I’d quickly share a handful of easy workout tips.

  1. ALWAYS eat a post-workout snack 5-30 minutes after your exercise.
  2. Keep it diverse. Stay with certain things that ‘work’ as in ‘your personal tried and true.’ but make sure to try new things and work different muscle groups. You need all types of exercise to stay healthy. Have a 3-5 day a week workout you do consistently and then add in some biking, hiking, running, zumba, swimming, yoga… anything you DON’T do every day. You’ll strengthen in a whole new way and by working the brain differently maybe even help prevent Alzheimer’s  or memory loss, who knows!
  3. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after.
  4. Find your ‘button pushers’ Meaning, what drives you harder? Music? Heat? Cooling? A workout buddy? Being at home unembarrassed or in the gem with competition?
  5. Make sure to find a workout that you truly enjoy. “Yeah yeah,” you say “that’s impossible”.  I don’t think so. Try new things and eventually I think you’ll find a certain trainer (Jillian Michaels) or type of exercise (Zumba, Tennis) that you love.
  6. Wear good/comfortable/attractive workout clothes. At least, clothes you feel good in. You don’t want to be fiddling with them while moving, that’s the quickest way to get stressed out working out.
  7. This will sound corny but…. have fun!. Open your mind up to this being a fun thing!

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