Embracing the Specs!

Howdy Y’all!

Are you enjoying an amazing day?

Mine had a few rough spots this morning and I’m craving your prayers. Thank you much.  But I’m living in a pool of faith and enjoying wearing a fantastic new outfit…. so I’ll be okay. (my new striped maxi!… you’ll see soon!)

Alright, so what I really wanted to say was….. check this out!

Rivet and Sway

“….encouraged women to “dress from the frames down” and create entire looks around the central gorgeousness of your face and specs.”

Can you guess where that excerpt was taken from? Okay, well that’s fine. Because you don’t have to. In honor of my journey towards embracing glasses, which I’ve written about some here, I’m sharing this article I ran across. The chic lady is talking about an awesome specs company: Rivet & Sway. 

SO, that’s all for now folks. Go grab some reading glasses!!!!





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