Find of the Week: Etsy & the Fox Sweater

Okay, so I’m pretty sure the next big thing to hit planet earth is me… oh… woops! I meant to say FOXES.

I’ve been mildly obsessed with owls for the past two years or so and I’m pretty sure I have at least over twenty in my house in the form of mugs, jewelry, shower curtains, and shelf nick-nacks. As a matter of fact I’m drinking from Oscar the owl coffee mug as I speak. But the truth is…. I don’t think I should let them get all the loves. Because a little orange fox it just as lovable and adorable. This winter I WILL have a fox sweater.  I wanted one last winter.

So, all that to say, my most charming find of the week would have to be this:

clever me Fox sweatshirt

photo from store

The Clever Me Fox Sweater.



on Etsy.

Anyone who loves vintage, beautiful, creative, handmade, artistic knows that Etsy is the place to go!

Good luck hunting, Y’all! (but don’t shoot any lovely little foxes!)



One thought on “Find of the Week: Etsy & the Fox Sweater

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