7 Days to Go: I’m Over at the Farm

Hey Y’all!

In preparation for leaving this coming Sunday I’ve been trying to get some things accomplished on the farm that I don’t want to leave undone. Don’t want hanging over me. I was really fortunate to get to be here for the BARN RAISIN’ before I leave town.

Barn Raising- Guys working

I’m really enjoying getting to watch it go up a little at a time. Getting to feed the menfolk that are working so hard. Getting to watch my Daddy’s plans finally come to fruition for his hay barn.

I’m really glad I didn’t miss it.

Barn Raising- Seth & Judson

It’s such a huge joy to get to be part of working rural community. To have godly friends always at the ready to pull on their work boots and come work shoulder to shoulder with you when something needs to be done. To be there beside you in time of plenty and in time of pain.

I’ve never felt more blessed by community and friendship.

You can read all about it and see some beautiful pictures over at the farm blog in the post I wrote Saturday evening; The Barn-Raisin’: part 1.



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