2 Days to Go: Granola Making Day.

I used to love to listen to those talks. I would learn new things and even as young as I was they (the women in particular) inspired me. I identified with their adventures of country life. I remember one woman talking about granola. Each week she had a ‘granola making’ day. It was part of the schedule. Planned. Like homesteading women who had ‘bread making’ day or ‘canning’ day. On that day she made all different varieties of granola. Specifically her children’s favorites which were all different.

I am a granola addict. I find this quite strange, I admit. Why would someone love granola so much? I don’t understand. There’s nothing particularly grand about it. It’s usually healthy. It’s fairly lame. But never-the-less…. I like it.

I like it for breakfast, for toppings, for dessert, for mid-day snack.

But if you buy granola in the store, it’s quite expensive. Especially, you’ll find, if you’re buying it for a whole family. I’ll tell you, 4 people can go through one measly box of granola pretty dern fast.

Soo….. I’ve often applied the wisdom of this homesteader and had a granola day. One reason I did it today was because I’m leaving town in two days and I wanted to take some with me. I’d like to avoid eating out at as many meals as I can and just splurge on a few special ones. I intend to pack some foods and do a little grocery shopping through out the trip.

I made three granolas this afternoon.

Coconut Berry Granola.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} .coconut berry granola.

Peanut Butter Granola.

{thisgreeneyedgirl}. peanut butter granola

& Pumpkin & Chocolate granola bark.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} pumkin chocolate granola bark

Check out those recipes!



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