1 Days to Go: Preach The Gospel Always

Hey y’all

So, I only have two days left before I leave town! I can hardly believe how quickly the time has passed. Not merely from when I started counting down to my trip but from the time my dear brother got engaged to his happy bride. It’s hard to fathom that they will so soon be married. Here I am remembering being children when nothing was further from our minds than marriage. But I’m rambling…….

I do that.

I’ve had posts so far that were practical. To get ready for my trip… how I packed, what I planned to do, granola making. But today I had a migraine and couldn’t get anything done at all.

It was tough.

I was so relieved that I had already packed my things. Oh the joy of defeating my procrastination this time around. I fought back a little bit of pride, which felt rightful, at the thought of having been so well prepared. However I knew better than to think I have ‘it all together’

Oh no! I’ll be relieved when I’ve left and what ever it is I’ve forgotten is in my past, unobtainable. I can’t go back for it, can live with out it, and will not worry about it. I look forward to that moment. As of right now I’m in the ‘wracking my brain trying to think of everything I should take and have packed’ stage.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} What to remember

Perhaps the most important thing that crossed my mind to have packed and at the ready today, as I laid near lifeless on the couch, was my witness.

How could I forget that?

Isn’t that the most important thing to take.

I have remembered my extra sweater. My Southern Charm. My Granola and snacks. What about my witness?????

I saw a quote that said

Preach the gospel always, and if necessary, use words. – Francis of Asissi

That was my reminder. To try to stay humble. Be gracious. Be loving. Stay open. Have gratitude. Pray over every meal. Speak to the clerk. Compliment the waitress. Thank the hostess. Hold the door. Smile. Be a witness.

I love the wording…. and if necessary. Meaning, let your actions speak the loudest and if it becomes necessary then be brave. Don’t hesitate to speak the truth. But let the actions speak for themselves.

So as I prepare to go my prayer is that I’ll remember my luggage but more importantly…. who I am. Or rather, who I belong to.



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