Octopus Legs & Taboo

Well Hey Y’all!!!!

I’m back!

Yup, back in the South where the term ‘ y’all ‘ is nothing more than the most sensible means of communicating salutations to multiple people. Nothing strange. In fact…. simple. I’m back to the South where things are simple…. well… as simple as things can ever really be in a flawed world, on a funny farm, with a bunch of transplant Floridians living the sweaty dream.

My trip went absolutely awesome, thanks for asking! We all enjoyed ourselves immensely, I think, and formed even stronger, truer, lasting bonds with friends as we spent a wonderfully harrowing 44 hours or so in the car together.

I bought Mrs. Castille (my awesome friend & adopted aunt – or something of the sort-) a chocolate bar from Cracker Barrel (one of our ritualistic traveling stops) that had a station wagon on the front and read

‘to get you there in peace, one piece at a time’

We wove our way through Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts,  and New Hampshire.

Many hilarious and incredible experiences along the way. And a lot… A LOT… of the game taboo. Amazingly, this kept us fairly well entertained.

We stopped along the coast in Connecticut and a few of us picked up a few seashells, let our hair get that beachy wind-whipped feeling that leaves it coarse like dread-locks, and then headed to the Blue Goose Seafood restaurant.

Roadtripping: the atlantic ocean

 by the atlantic ocean

I, being from Florida, have had a good deal of seafood but I wanted to try East Coast seafood which is entirely new to me.


Clam Chowder coming up!

A few of the boys ordered steaks…. they didn’t have the stomach for the octopus legs which us braver souls dropped (almost)  unreluctantly into our mouths.

There was stuffed sole, sea bass, Manhattan clam chowder, lobster bisque, clams casino, scallops, seafood marinara, & more.

Dinner Plate from Blue Goose in Connecticut

food = smiles = milkshakes = love.

wedding trip me and kayden

OH! Speaking of love….. that’s pretty much why we went. Sean and Beka are now married. Yup…. that’s right. That shaggy, some-what awkward, fun-loving, artistic, paintball obsessed, quarter back I met when he was 14 is now married. I have to call him Mr. Castille. Well, not really. But they are now happily married and returned from their honeymoon. He’s moved his bride from Massachusetts into their sweet humble abode in middle Tennessee and thus begins the process of assimilation to southern culture, a new family, and a new life.

SO… in my next post I will tell you about the wedding! And show you a ton of pictures. There’s just so many details of the trip that I want to share that I just didn’t know where to start. So I started with the simplest approach….

Hello…….. this is what we ate!

until next time,



3 thoughts on “Octopus Legs & Taboo

    • Oh my goodness! I’m always in shock when I realize someone I know has actually seen my blog! hahaha. Jessica!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for reading it, I have no clue how you found it, and I’m honored and embarrassed. ❤ I'll post them very soon! Promise!

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