The Desires of Your Heart {The Wedding Affair}


wedding decorThis sign was painfully tucked away in a box in danger of going unused for lack of a purpose and location. I couldn’t bare it. I had a purpose! So, I enlisted help of hammer, nails, wire, tree trunk, and groundskeeper and hung it behind the drink station which so many loving hands me to create. Thanks y’all!!! After all…. isn’t that why we were gathered together? Gathered to celebrate? What spurred me on to try to bless the hearts of the two families coming together?

wedding Miss Patsy and Sean

Delight yourself in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart.

wedding me and addison

wedding mr and mrs c

wedding sean and beka ceremony

wedding photos 863

wedding josh and sean

wedding photos 722wedding me and logan

wedding me and christina

wedding sean and beka..

wedding sean and beka

wedding rachel and logan

wedding sean and mrs C

wedding josh and rachel

wedding dancing

wedding dancing me and josh

wedding me and josh

wedding me sean beka

wedding trip me and rachel

wedding photos 1126

wedding decor drink station

wedding photos 1125





4 thoughts on “The Desires of Your Heart {The Wedding Affair}

  1. The sign was absolutely the perfect touch to the whole reception area! Why am I not surprised that it was your determined creativity that put it there? 🙂

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