Wedding Decor & Some Good Frugal Ideas

At Sean & Beka’s wedding Beka’s family and those helping out at the wedding took advantage of what I thought were some great ideas for decorating on a budget.

wedding reception decor from ThisGreenEyedGIrl

Everything was still coordinated and nice even though it was done on a budget and by unprofessional hands.

As I worked I tried to collect a few tips a long the way. Here’s what I want to share:


1.) Plan ahead & make a list. It’s hard once you’re in the moment. There’s so much to do. So many people. And someone asking ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’ is just completely overwhelming. When things are quiet. When you have access to your planner (binder, book) Pinterest, and the venue jot down a list to have ready. For example

1.) Decorate tables. (Table cloth, burlap runners, flower vases, silverware, favors…?)

2.) Do Guestbook table.

3.) Prepare Sanctuary.


2.) Check Hobby Lobby for useful & great decorating items. Good prices, great statement pieces.

3.) Have one or two “managers”. From what I saw, this step is crucial if you’re doing a wedding yourself without hired help. Choose one or two skilled people that have a. A talent for organizing people. & B. An eye for what needs to be done and what looks good. Designate these people to keep everything running smoothly and coordinated so that instead of 20 people asking you ‘what should I do?’ you have two people saying ‘Do you approve of what we did? Anything you’d like to change…?’


1.) A few of us gals made a quick run to Walmart the day before the wedding to pick up items that would smooth over rough edges.

We bought a $5 Value pack of paper in coordinating colors, black cardstock & a silver sharpie (to give the effect of chalkboard) and made signs. The signs had the fruits of the spirit written on them & the names of bride and groom.

Also, a single bouquet of roses that mixed with ferns harvested from the woods and a small amount of cut flowers went a really long way.

2.) We draped white sheets to cover unsightly wall space around bathrooms and reception hall.

3.) Burlap Burlap Burlap!!! The wedding having somewhat of an elegant-country feel burlap rocked! We used it on so many different things. That was a great choice on their part!

4.) We used broken down old hymnals on some of the tables as part of the centerpiece. I had scene the idea with antique books and loved the feel especially with the hymnals because of the Christian message in the celebration.

5.) They bought grey striped straws which really spruced up mason jars and gave them personality. The grey in the jam jar favors, straws, and bridemaid’s dresses really tied together well.

That’s most of what I could think of that I found helpful for how to decorate on a budget!



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