Black On Black

Black on Black with Plaid coat in Fall

“To those who stay put the world is but an imaginary place. But to the movers, the makers, and the shakers the world is all around them. An endless invitation.”

{thisgreeneyedgirl} Black on Black

Black on Black grunge

Black on Black with layered necklaces

You know those days when you wake up in the morning feeling like a lovely movie star? Delicate and beautiful? You then go to your closet and desire to wear pink. Many many wonderful shades of pink? Then you give yourself a manicure and your ready for your day? A day at the office, maybe.


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hahaha. No! Me either!!! However, I do know those days when you wake up to clouds and a little house nestled into Tennessee woods and you flip on Lana Del Rey, set it to repeat, and search out every black staple you own. You throw yourself together in a quest for an ‘elegant grunge’ effect that says to the world… today, I will be tough. Don’t mess with me. I promise! I’m not joking! I really. am. tough. Believe it! Here I come. Today, I will make art. Today, I will explore. Today will be different and special. Nothing will be mundane. I will not allow it.

Black on black on black. Some wanderlust thrown in here as I imagine what the weather in Montana is like this time of year. Some layered vintage necklaces, too. One with a broken clock. Because who really wants to know what time it is? Life is too short for that.

“I have a vision of making my life a work of art” -Lana Del Rey

“Being brave means knowing that when you fail, you don’t fail forever.” -Lana Del Rey



Grace with Me {anticipating 31 Days}

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I’m sitting here shamelessly drinking coffee without having had any breakfast wearing a huge sweater because to a girl from the sunshine state even a mild September in Tennessee is chilling.

I’m listening to ZZ Ward and Shovels and Rope…. is it too early in the morning for that?? I think not. It’s never too early for tunes. (not to me anyway.)

Tomorrow is the start of 31 Days of Transitioning to Autumn.

I have to be honest… I’m super nervous. I don’t quite know why other than the fact that it’s a 31 day commitment (yup, that’s right, a full month) in what happens to be one of the busiest months of the year.

So, I’m going to sit here and continue to drink coffee on an empty stomach, snuggled in a ridiculously frumpy sweater, listening to rockabilly folk and ask you one thing. Yes, you, my faithful sweet generous reader.

Have a little grace with me. Please. Oh, thank you!! Thank you for being so understanding. Here’s the thing… I might mess up. Well, I know I will. I always do. I might miss a day here and there and I’m plenty sure that my series will fall short of my expectation for it. It certainly wont compare to that of some of the incredible inspiring veteran bloggers out there participating. But that’s not the point is it? I will learn from them and this will be a growing experience.

Are we ready? Yes we are! You and I together, writer and reader, can take October! A post a day here we come!

Love y’all!



Happy Weekend {Charmed Links to Check Out.}

For our charmed links this weekend I want to share with y’all some favorite magazines from a new era of folk writing.

ThisGreenEyedGirl {have a Lovely Weekend}

They’re each special with a unique identity trying to present a new picture of community. Thriving off of ‘local’ juices and supporting artisans, musicians with out fancy labels and signed contracts, farmers, and small towns.

1.) Take a look at Local Wolves Magazine. They have spunk to spare and a natural folk flare that doesn’t feel forced. If you’re into the music scene, this one’s for you.

2.) Nashville Scene is the magazine of and for Nashvillians. Though I live on a farm in the country… Nashville is my city. It’s the only city. It’s the country music capital. It’s down home. It’s friendly. It’s Southern. I love when I get the chance to put on my good boots and spend time there. And if you ever want to know what to do while you’re in town, from food to music, Nashville Scene is the place to ask!

3.) Validity Magazine supports rural life in middle Tennessee. They encourage farmers and local businesses. As well as the culture of the area. They just featured an article on The Clay Harris Theatre which I once performed in.