Exciting News: 31 Days Link In

I have some really exciting news!! At least, I’m excited!

On October 1st I’m going to be part of the 31 Days of Change linkin party put on by The Nester.

The reason I’m excited is because I’ve done a 31 Days linkin before and it was great fun to participate with other bloggers sharing about their chosen topic. Each topic is something that particular blogger cares about.

My choice for change was 31 Days of Transitioning to Autumn.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} 31 Days of Transitioning to Autumn (blog button)

Don’t you just adore Autumn? Who on earth doesn’t? I’m thrilled to blog about the transition from this late Indian summer we’re in to the nippy fall with Tennessee roads lined with maple trees turning their leaves.  I can talk about changing meals from summer to fall, cooking seasonally, scarfs, taking summer pieces into fall to create looks for October, 2013’s fall trends & how they change, transitioning the house decorations to autumn ones, best fall books to read, back to school and the change it brings…. ooh! So there! Lot’s of change and lot’s of autumn and lot’s of fun!

Make sure to join me here on October 1st!


Also you can check out the Nester’s article here.




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