A Book To Encourage Your Personal Style

  In this post I have written about a book that I’ve enjoyed reading which has helped me to find my own personal style and to express myself more confidently.

I have gained a lot over the past few years from the writing of Alexandra Stoddard. Though I don’t always agree with her personal beliefs she has encouraged me in graciousness, thankfulness, self expression, grace, confidence, and elegance. She has a way of adding grace to every detail.

I would recommend many of her books. Pertaining to style I would specifically recommend Daring To Be Yourself. 

The funny thing is… with a title like that, I’d probably never pick it up myself. It sounds too ‘self-help all is great cushy mushy believe in yourself’ to me. haha. BUT… maybe you don’t even know what I’m talking about right now and either way, it’s a very good book.

Definitely worth reading for personal growth.

Daring to be Yourself

You can find the book here on Amazon for as little as $0.01!!!



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