Happy Weekend {Charmed Links to Check Out.}

For our charmed links this weekend I want to share with y’all some favorite magazines from a new era of folk writing.

ThisGreenEyedGirl {have a Lovely Weekend}

They’re each special with a unique identity trying to present a new picture of community. Thriving off of ‘local’ juices and supporting artisans, musicians with out fancy labels and signed contracts, farmers, and small towns.

1.) Take a look at Local Wolves Magazine. They have spunk to spare and a natural folk flare that doesn’t feel forced. If you’re into the music scene, this one’s for you.

2.) Nashville Scene is the magazine of and for Nashvillians. Though I live on a farm in the country… Nashville is my city. It’s the only city. It’s the country music capital. It’s down home. It’s friendly. It’s Southern. I love when I get the chance to put on my good boots and spend time there. And if you ever want to know what to do while you’re in town, from food to music, Nashville Scene is the place to ask!

3.) Validity Magazine supports rural life in middle Tennessee. They encourage farmers and local businesses. As well as the culture of the area. They just featured an article on The Clay Harris Theatre which I once performed in.



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