// About Me \\

About Me.

Hi y’all. I’m Renee` Melissa. I was born a Florida girl but have spent close to half my short but meaningful life in Tennessee. 

I live in the rural country-side just West of Nashville, which I love. I love the culture of the area.

Not just Nashville, but the South as a whole. I’m a southern girl all the way and I love my roots. The history of my home. The heat of the summer. The magnolia trees. My two bloodhounds in the backyard that remind me of Alabama, where I spent a great deal of time growing up. I love everything about it down here. Almost everything. I love the fried chicken and biscuits, but I’ll be honest, I don’t entirely love that so many people survive entirely off that awesome fried soul food because

I am also an organic farmer.

 I believe in what I do. I live on a three-generation farm/ranch where we raise grass-fed cattle and a great portion of our own food.  NarrowGateFarms is home to myself, my Daddy and Mamma, the younger of my two brothers – Seth, my Grandaddy, and soon-to-be one more little Stokes.

We attempt to worship the Lord here on our land in everything we do.


  • A daughter… of quirky awesome parents and of the king. As well as sister and friend to whoever wants one.
  • A freelance writer and photographer.
  • A pianist and music lover.


cowboy boots.   coffee.  beautiful words.  flowers.  family.  pretty clothes.   good food.    blue jeans.   PHOTOGRAPHY.   Christmas.  cows.  creeks.  the South. hiking. swimming.  camping.  MUSIC.   Fashion.    Grace.   ADVENTURE.   Holidays with family.  TRAVEL.  the perfect pen.  WRITING.   design.  JOURNALING.    fascinating illustration.   & more. 

me tody


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