About The Blog

About the Blog.

You’ll find articles here about:

Fashion and all that it encompasses in my mind. Adventure, DIYs, Frugality, thrifting, and the constant search for the vintage, heart-throb, sweater.

Photography.  I don’t have a splendid camera set up but I love creative beautiful images.

Southern Culture Loves. Everything my stubborn rebel heart finds lovely, fantastic, & amazing about living in Dixie.

Decorating & DIYs. I’m somewhat new to craftiness but I totally admire maps, hot-glue, signage, clocks, chalkboard paint and anything creative.

Convictions // Testimonies.  Things the Lord is revealing to me as I stumble and grope around on this quest for love and grace. And other helpful testimonies I’ve found from people I respect.




Ect. ( whatever my ADD heart skips to next in the heat of the moment)

blog pic flower black eyed susons


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