New Life to an Old T Shirt


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DIY from ThisGreenEyedGirl {new life to an old t shirt}

I am almost ashamed to even post this DIY… it’s not hardly even a DIY, it’s so incredible simple.

The past few years embellishments have been the rage. You know what I’m talking about…. endless ruffles and fabric flowers. Well, this year a new fall trend has hit us… jeweled and studded courtesy of J Crew, the forever trend setters. For which, I am grateful. Ruffles just aren’t me. I feel like a beany baby from the nineties trying to pretend I’m a glass collector’s doll when I wear them.  Okay, so yeah…. that was a really bad awkward analogy. Anyway, back to jeweled and studded. I love this trend. It’s much more me. Especially in light of the fact they’re mixing denim and camo with elegant touches of Grandma’s old costume jewelry and bead work. That works!!! I’m huge into mixing the casual and comfortable with touches of femininity and little frivolous details.

I took this old Ann Taylor Loft grey layering T shirt and wanted to give it new life.

This is not a sewing project. This is barely even a project at all, it was so easy.

1. I gathered old costume jewelry. I used a flat headed screwdriver to help me pry it apart…. carefully and gently.

2. I laid it out in a nice pattern on the shirt. Layering the gold pieces with the rhinestones.

3. I trimmed a piece of pink ribbon to fill the remaining space.

4. I placed gold rings (from a pair of earrings) on the ribbon and then I sewed it on with pink thread, stitching straight across each end.

5.) I used a hot glue gun to dot the back of the gold disk with glue and stick it to the neck band on the shirt. Then another dab of glue on top to stick the rhinestones to.

ThisGreenEyedGirl {New Life to an Old T Shirt - Fall layering}.

It was as simple as those 5 easy steps!