Fashion: Stripes and Aqua

In my list 7 Tips for Being a More Frugal Fashion Lover I mentioned that when you have your heart set on an item you should wait and see if the urge passes. Then if a month later you still want it, go for it.

Well, I waited for this black and white striped maxi skirt for at least a year. I knew I wanted it. I’d seen the pictures. Other girls wearing them. I loved the look. But it took me a long time for the time to be right. Then when shopping for my East Coast trip (which is now only 10 days away!!!!) I found this. It was marked down. I had the choice between 3. All just a tiny bit different. The fabric on this one was different from that typical knit maxi material, which I like, but I kind of like that this was a ‘trend’ item but had a unique twist that separated it from everyone else’s.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} Aqua and Stripes.. So this skirt won out and came home with me.

{Thisgreeneyedgirl} Striped Maxi

Paired with an aqua shirt and soft grey tunic sweater, I had an outfit. The sweater will be a great layering piece in the fall, I just know it. And I love the way the draped front falls into pockets at the bottom.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} Aqua and Stripes in the rain..

Traditionally women never mixed black and brown…. much less black, brown, and grey at the same time. But a couple years ago I started seeing the mixing trend in Garnet Hill catalogs and really loved the way the created put-together looks with a bohemian youthful flare. Here I have on these brown shoes and I’m carrying a brown fringed purse.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Fringed bag

This purse is an Autumn favorite, especially. I think it adds a lot of character.

I borrowed my mom’s sparrow necklace, which I adore. It was hand crafted. I love the colors but most of all the little whimsical sparrows.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} Aqua and Stripes

It was raining for my shoot but sadly you can’t really tell…. except that my messy bun was even messier of a bun!

{thisgreeneyedgirl} Aqua and Stripes in the rain

I wrapped up in my favorite comforting Aztec blanket to keep dry.

This blanket makes me feel all warm inside. I’m really not quite sure why. Although it was my grandparent’s and it came from New Mexico. I love to hear about other people’s favorite little nostalgic items and why they love them, so leave me a comment about your’s if you feel the urge!

Good day to you all! Keep dry!

(American Dream XS Sweater: Ross- $7.99 Mint Green Striped Maxi: Ross- $11.00 Leather purse: Unknown- gift Sparrow Necklace: Centerville Marketplace handcrafted- $10-20 not sure)



Books and Chocolate Make Life Bearable

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. ~C.S. Lewis 

ThisGreenEyedGIrl. C.S.Lewis

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Lifestyle post

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Lifestyle post .


I love aqua, grey, stripes, C.S. Lewis, chalkboard paint, and chocolate cake. I highlighted my love of those things in this post.

1.) I’ve been reading C.S. Lewis in my morning devotion time. He happens to be one of my favorite authors. I’ve read Mere Christianity before and The Screwtape Letters. Both of which I really enjoyed. I was particularly stimulated by The Screwtape Letters which chronicles the temptations of Christians from the perspective of a tempter. But now I’m reading The Problem of Pain.

“A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.”

“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken.”
from  The Problem of Pain



2.) I found this grey and white striped skirt for a great steal and it looked so comfortable that I grabbed it up. The necklace is from a thrift store. I love the color pairing here. It’s so fresh.

3.) My love of aqua spilled over to this sad worn desk. I painted it blue and painted the drawer fronts with chalkboard paint. I’ll put up a tutorial soon. The reason I did this was I just knew that every time I saw it I would smile. And it worked. It’s such a happy piece of furniture.

4.) I was reading the second book for a good reason. I was baking a chocolate cake. This is a great cook book. My favorite recipe is one I’ve fallen back on many times when I didn’t have much to work with or much time to do it. The ‘Wacky Cake’ which you mix right in the pan. It’s delicious. Not too dense but dense enough. Not too sweet but just sweet enough.