New Life to an Old T Shirt


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DIY from ThisGreenEyedGirl {new life to an old t shirt}

I am almost ashamed to even post this DIY… it’s not hardly even a DIY, it’s so incredible simple.

The past few years embellishments have been the rage. You know what I’m talking about…. endless ruffles and fabric flowers. Well, this year a new fall trend has hit us… jeweled and studded courtesy of J Crew, the forever trend setters. For which, I am grateful. Ruffles just aren’t me. I feel like a beany baby from the nineties trying to pretend I’m a glass collector’s doll when I wear them.  Okay, so yeah…. that was a really bad awkward analogy. Anyway, back to jeweled and studded. I love this trend. It’s much more me. Especially in light of the fact they’re mixing denim and camo with elegant touches of Grandma’s old costume jewelry and bead work. That works!!! I’m huge into mixing the casual and comfortable with touches of femininity and little frivolous details.

I took this old Ann Taylor Loft grey layering T shirt and wanted to give it new life.

This is not a sewing project. This is barely even a project at all, it was so easy.

1. I gathered old costume jewelry. I used a flat headed screwdriver to help me pry it apart…. carefully and gently.

2. I laid it out in a nice pattern on the shirt. Layering the gold pieces with the rhinestones.

3. I trimmed a piece of pink ribbon to fill the remaining space.

4. I placed gold rings (from a pair of earrings) on the ribbon and then I sewed it on with pink thread, stitching straight across each end.

5.) I used a hot glue gun to dot the back of the gold disk with glue and stick it to the neck band on the shirt. Then another dab of glue on top to stick the rhinestones to.

ThisGreenEyedGirl {New Life to an Old T Shirt - Fall layering}.

It was as simple as those 5 easy steps!



DIY: “GO” Sign

I’m obsessed with maps. I guess the standing reason is that they represent adventures and travel. Also…. metaphorically, finding your way. There’s just a certain charm in maps. And I’m dying to find a vintage-y world map and make a reclaimed wood sign out of that….. it will happen.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Go Sign DIY

Gather your materials.

  • One block of wood about an inch thick. maybe 4×4 wide and tall
  • One atlas page. any state you choose. you might prefer one with some meaning.. ie. homestate, vacation place, honeymoon state… ect.
  • 4 cardstock letters. 2 Gs and 2 Os
  • Mod Podge
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • glitter
  • scissors
  • paint brush


Now it’s time to get started.

  1. Trace the block of wood onto the map OR. measure it.
  2. Cut out a square piece of map the SAME SIZE as the wood.
  3. Brush modpodge onto the wood and apply map. smooth it out with your fist. rub. rub. rub.
  4. Cut out 4 strips of wood the same width and length as the top, sides, and bottom of the block. MAKE THEM JUST A HAIR LARGER. MEANING ENOUGH BIGGER THAT THEY CAN FOLD OVER THE FRONT OF THE SIGN A LITTLE BIT.
  5. Mod podge 3 pieces onto the top & sides. Align the strip evenly with the back and then fold what’s left over the front of the sign (ontop of the map covered front) Brush Mod Podge on top of all the mapped spaces and smooth out with your fist (to get rid of wrinkles)
  6. Lay sign on it’s back and do the same thing to the bottom with the last strip of map paper.
  7. Mod podge the front of 1 G and 1 O. Quickly apply glitter to the letters. Let dry.
  8. Hot glue these 2 letters to the center of the sign.
  9. Hot glue two more letters  (with out glitter) to the top of those two letters. (CREATING A THICKER “GO”) you can now see glitter but it’s sort of playing peek-a-boo and isn’t very bold. Sprinkle a little bit of glitter around the word. Add more mod podge to do this if needed.
  10. Let dry thoroughly.

You’re done!

{thisgreeneyedgirl} 'GO' sign tutorial

p.s. Sorry for poor photo quality… the lighting in this room is super rough for taking pictures.


DIY: Reclaimed Wood “Home” Sign.

This was my latest project.

reclaimed wood home sign.

My Reclaimed Wood “Home” Sign. Made from a piece of chipped, white-washed, old wood I found in my barn, maple twigs I collected, and glue.

The pictures don’t really do it justice. They change the coloring a little and don’t express the texture. The texture is awesome.

But here is how I did it:

1.) I laid out the board and sanded it for a minute or so. How much you want to sand will just depend on how smooth the paint is. You want it to look chipped and “antiquey”

2.) I laid the twigs out in position. I chose the word “home” but you could do something else.

3.) I began experimenting with gluing them in place. I tried heavy-duty wood glue first… but, I didn’t think it did a very good job. I tried several. None of them had the hold I was going for and most left a yellowy residue. I finally decided to use my hot glue gun. The results were great! I layered the twigs some, after I’d gotten the letters in place. Making some places thicker, covering up little open spots. Just going along until it “looked right” to me.

Diy reclaimed wood home sign

I plan to put hooks on the bottom for hanging keys and then relocate the sign to my shop booth.

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DIY: Chalkboard “Home” Sign

This is my latest DIY. project.

I made this sign to put in my booth. Have I mentioned that I have a booth in my favorite thrift store? Yup. I do. It’s called the Barn Stall Boutique.

SOOOO, anyway, I needed some new inventory for the week and this was my brain-child this morning


Chalkboard “home” sign.

1. I used a square white-washed board that I had laying around. You could choose any similar object. Coat the board you choose in white flat paint. Then In a coat of Chalkboard spray paint. You might choose to do two coats depending on how it turns out. Mine looked fine with just one.

2. Use scrapbooking letters (these are Creative Memories, non-adhesive, cardstock letters) Hot glue them to the board. SO SIMPLE!

diy home sign


Now you’re done!!! Use chalk to write any letters you choose underneath or around. I quoted a favorite song that says

Home is wherever I’m with you.”


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DIY: Jewelry Organizing Cork Board

I’ve been slowly but surely attempting to re-do and re-organize my bed and bathroom.

It’s taking a lot more time than I would like because I’m not as diligent as I should be to jump in there and get it done.

Also because I want to think every project through and do something that will last and function well in the long run, not just for a few weeks/months.

One of my projects has been jewelry. I’m sure you’ve seen this idea before but I’ll share anyway.

For organizing necklaces this is what I did.

jewelry rack



I’m sorry that I didn’t take any pictures while doing the project. MY BAD!

But it was VERY simple. Here is the step by step.


1.) Gather one paint brush of choice (I used a bristle brush but you could try a sponge brush) One can of high gloss wall paint in preferred color. One cork board. And a bag of thumb tacks. 

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2.) Lay cork board on newspaper or something protecting your surface. Use brush to thoroughly coat cork board. Let dry. Coat again. Let dry. Two coats of paint should do it.

3.) Hang in desired location. I put three tacks in my closet door evenly aligned and hung the cork board on that. If sometimes swings a little so I intend to secure it with Velcro at the bottom.

4.) Place your thumb tacks in the cork board in what ever arrangement you prefer based on the jewelry you’ll be hanging.

5.) Hang jewelry.


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