Give and Take {interviewed for a film}

On The Tractor {Image via. thisgreeneyedgirl}

When I was a little girl I met a mule. She was lovely and big and humble and fascinating. I named her Strawberry. I’m quite sure she already had a name, as she was not my mule, but to me…. she was Strawberry. I wanted to take her home but this was unreasonable of me for she was not for sale in the least. But Strawberry and I had something. It was a bond.

This bond is the bond of farmers to creatures. It was established right then and there when I saw a draft animal that could pull it’s own weight on the farm. I could help her, she could help me. Give and take.

That moment is but a distant memory now but the feeling still comes often. When I strain the milk at the end of the day. Give and take. When I harvest honey in August. Give and take. When I process chickens. Give and take.


It’s all a never ending cycle of give and take when you live a sustainable lifestyle. When you build community. When you work side by side. When you plow the land. When you harvest fall crops.

Give and take.

Today a film crew showed up at my house with but a couple hours notice and my family and I were intervied to be in a documentary.

You can read about the Beyond Off Grid project here.

The thing about farming is that every single day you wake up in the morning ready for one thing and are imediately¬†faced with the need to fill some other need. Maybe that’s not just farming, maybe it’s life. But all I know is that day to day I am taught to bend my own expectations and learn of a self-sacraficial heart. A heart that I don’t have…. yet. Broken and flawed I forget that life is but a give and take.

My own agenda isn’t what counts. How can you sustain the family, the farm, the community without give and take? Without flexibility, hard work, love, ingenuousness, and sweat. Just plain dirty sweat.

I’m pretty sure I was a bit sweaty when they showed up… last minute tractor work.

So, that’s all I have to write tonight. A little bit about my farming experience of learning to both give out and except back in life and love and labor. I haven’t written much on this blog yet about my farming adventures. But you can check out the family farm blog and I’m sure I will write more on the subject here soon.

Be sure to go to the documentary website and follow via. updates!