31 Days of Transitioning to Autumn: day 11 {Seedlings: greens and community}

  I have to apologize to y’all for my lack of faithfulness in daily blogging for my 31Days series.  I am trying, I promise, but I’m afraid the duties farm life have kept me tied up as of late. Yesterday I came in about an hour after night fall to a hot supper and rest and all that was on my mind was exactly that… rest. It did cross my mind to write, actually, but my brain has been befuddled by a head cold that leaves me quite senseless. I was logging. Felling trees. Big, intimidating trees. Possibly one of the most frightening tree jobs I’ve done, to date.

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But I enjoyed the work. I enjoy working with my hands.

Live a Quiet Life and Work With Your Hands image via. ThisGreenEyedGirls #31Days of Transitioning to Autumn

Lately, I’ve been seeding and watering and such in our hoop-houses.

In late summer we transition our farm operation towards the “greens” season.

Our greens are grown in winter, unlike summer vegetables, and shielded by our unheated greenhouses. Both built by hand ourselves.


Each fall we begin to watch the progress on pins and needles as the seedlingw just begin to peek out and grow to maturity.


I’m crossing my fingers for fast growth this week, as Saturday is the local Harvest Market. It’s put on by Arts and AG, a local venture by some seriously ingenuitive artisans, shop keepers, and farmers. These folks work tirelessly to bring life back to our community and encourage it to be just that… a community.

Fall is always a time in my mind where we focus on linking arms and supporting local ventures.

Townships with conscientious citizens, concerned with supporting one another, don’t just happen. They are planted, tended, prayed over, watched, babied, and grown from a tender state to maturity. Like my seedlings.

Seedlings via. ThisGreenEyedGirl {An artical on living local and supporting farmers}

This weekend, get out there!!!! Help the transition happen. Skip the chain stores. Bring some food from farm to table. Buy something handmade. Talk to someone face to face about the product they made and are passionate about. Look for a fun event like the Harvest Market of Hickman County to attend…. then you can cross that off your Great Big Fall List!!!!

Keep your friends close and your farmers closer.



31Days of Transitioning to Autumn: day 5 {A Simpler Life}

I spent yesterday logging on a hillside, maneuvering the tractor between ruts of an old logging trail, as I skidded trees to the plateau below. 100 footers crashed down right in front of me, blowing leaves into my face. You feel the wind from them as they land. Logging #31Days post on living a simpler life

 (image from pinterest)

I took a break and tried to doze off for a minute on the Kabota seat about three o’clock.  My worn boots propped up on the steering wheel.  Getting more and more worn with each job. Each treck up the mountain side.

Yesterday I thought about work and the warmth it brings to your heart. I wrote that life begins in work and transitions into love. Be it our jobs, our relationships, our homes. It’s a union of work and time that brings forth a deep sense of satisfaction in accomplishment. That’s how a life is built. My very first post in this series I spoke of my fear of change and my epiphany that it’s not change I have a problem with… it’s transition.

This morning I fed the dogs… squeezing in a few moments to hold the puppies. They’re just learning to walk! I wandered into the hoop-houses and hung my quilted denim jacket on the hook… it’s nice and warm inside. I watered the greens and got my hands dirty doing some weeding in the salad beds.

hoophouses at NarrowGateFarms

The cows are mooing out back. The sun is glowing. I hear the crickets….

Cow at NarrowGateFarms #31Days post on living a simpler life from ThisGreenEyedGirl

Am I delving too deeply into the ambiance of farm-life here? I promise I’m not exaggerating.

Farms wake you up in new ways. Not just in the morning but in your soul. They wake your senses to every small sensational pleasure.

They take you new places you never knew you wanted to go.

And slowly I begin to make the transition to a simpler life.

Seedlings #31Days post on living simply via. ThisGreenEyedGirl

Don’t we all want that? We don’t want to Change… we don’t want to transition daily. Buy less, spend less, breathe more, slow down, cook for our families, blister our hands… but ultimately once we pass through the time of transition we’re happy to find ourselves in a more peaceful state of simplicity. One where suddenly we can ‘take this morning’ and savor the sunlight of a Saturday, write what’s on our hearts, slowly pull on our boots and a flannel shirt, make our way out and water the hoop-houses and feed the puppies. Stop and hold them. Quietly cook and eat breakfast with the ones we love. The ones who have built this with us. Sip our coffee and do our devotions together.


Not rush off to appointments. Not get angry calls from the boss. Not worry about whether or not our clothes are office presentable.

Simple work. Simple love. Simple life. Simple change.

winter chores

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

So tell me…. is it worth some sacrifice to transition into a life with more simplicity?

“Going back to a simpler life is not a step backward.”

Can this be a change we learn to love?

#31Days  (little Hen)

(photo stolen from this post)


love without strings attached.  Someone holding your hand.  Honey on home baked bread.  Sunflowers in a mason jar.  Coffee in the morning.  A good book.  Visiting with friends over a glass of sweet tea on the front porch.   Weeding a garden bed.  Cutting hay.  Logging a hillside.


31 Days of Transistioning to Autumn: day four {Work to Warmth}

  “Draw me ever on life’s journey – Rendered thus to understand- As a songbird that has fallen – Only to regain the sky – From this frozen shadow valley – Lay my sweary head.

Love is from no distance calling – faithful as the rising sun – warms the bitter heart and heartache – Til the east of Eden’s gone – Clouds of fear and misconception – wax and wane as if the moon – so is in a sense forgotten – Til the will of God be known “

I walked out onto the porch of the log cabin, a friend’s baby on my hip, and looked out over the land. Lush. Ready to be tended. The sun was setting low. Pink sky. A day’s work done. Trying to dry home in for the coming winter. Each of us coming inside, chinking on our hands, to fix a cup of coffee. I rub chickweed salve on my palms, blistering from the lime in the mortar. Ladies cooking over the open fire in the yard. Slowly, we all gather round in the kitchen to bless the food. Quiet prayer. Food fixed, so satisfying at the end of the day, we sit down together. On the steps, in chairs pulled out to the porch, and in the handmade hammock swinging gently. We share stories. Sip coffee. It has the marks of an autumn eve, soft breeze, hot coffee, cinnamon cookies.

And through it all I think to myself  ‘This is a life. A life to build on.’

Life isn’t bliss. It isn’t easy. It isn’t love at first sight or fairytales. Not for most of us.

It’s work. Sometimes, hard work. To build a life takes work.

Work via. thisgreeneyedgirl A 31 Days post on the transition from work to love.

It is from work that warmth of heart comes. Satisfaction at a job well done. Bonds made side by side. Staying on next to someone when things grow tough. Remaining at their side when life throws hard times. It’s sweat. It’s toil. It’s quiet mountain evenings on the porch at the end of the day. Gentle strength.

It begins in work and transitions to love…

Love begins and transitions into needful work…..

Never one with out the other, stagnant. They are forever joined hand in hand.

Gracefully transitioning in and out of one another intertwined as the bramble and the rose. But it brings me peace. It’s those who never know work, toil, accomplishment that never know true gain. Never know that warmth of heart at the end of the day.


Give and Take {interviewed for a film}

On The Tractor {Image via. thisgreeneyedgirl}

When I was a little girl I met a mule. She was lovely and big and humble and fascinating. I named her Strawberry. I’m quite sure she already had a name, as she was not my mule, but to me…. she was Strawberry. I wanted to take her home but this was unreasonable of me for she was not for sale in the least. But Strawberry and I had something. It was a bond.

This bond is the bond of farmers to creatures. It was established right then and there when I saw a draft animal that could pull it’s own weight on the farm. I could help her, she could help me. Give and take.

That moment is but a distant memory now but the feeling still comes often. When I strain the milk at the end of the day. Give and take. When I harvest honey in August. Give and take. When I process chickens. Give and take.


It’s all a never ending cycle of give and take when you live a sustainable lifestyle. When you build community. When you work side by side. When you plow the land. When you harvest fall crops.

Give and take.

Today a film crew showed up at my house with but a couple hours notice and my family and I were intervied to be in a documentary.

You can read about the Beyond Off Grid project here.

The thing about farming is that every single day you wake up in the morning ready for one thing and are imediately faced with the need to fill some other need. Maybe that’s not just farming, maybe it’s life. But all I know is that day to day I am taught to bend my own expectations and learn of a self-sacraficial heart. A heart that I don’t have…. yet. Broken and flawed I forget that life is but a give and take.

My own agenda isn’t what counts. How can you sustain the family, the farm, the community without give and take? Without flexibility, hard work, love, ingenuousness, and sweat. Just plain dirty sweat.

I’m pretty sure I was a bit sweaty when they showed up… last minute tractor work.

So, that’s all I have to write tonight. A little bit about my farming experience of learning to both give out and except back in life and love and labor. I haven’t written much on this blog yet about my farming adventures. But you can check out the family farm blog and I’m sure I will write more on the subject here soon.

Be sure to go to the documentary website and follow via. updates!



31 Days of Fall Farm Nesting {NarrowGateFarms}

31 Days of Fall Farm Nesting on NarrowGateFarms

I mentioned previously that I had done a 31 Days series before.

Well, it was on our farm blog.

I missed a few days here and there. I was a much less skilled blogger at that time. Which is saying something because I have very little skill now.

However, you’re still welcome to head over there and check out last’s year’s series, get some fall inspiration from the farm, and learn a little about the family!

me TGEG + NGF pumpkins

Fall Farm NestingFall Farm Nesting

Fall Farm Nesting

Fall Farm Nesting

Fall Farm Nesting

Fall Farm Nesting {gifting}

Fall Farm Nesting {gifting.}

Fall Farm Nesting {coffee station.} Fall Farm Nesting {coffee station}

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