31 Days of Transitioning to Autumn: day 8 {Scarf Mixology}

The best way to transition an outfit from summer to fall is no doubt, a scarf. I have an ach for one of those big knit infinity scarfs…. it’ll come. But for now, I mixed up a basic outfit ( pink studded pullover, brown vest, black skinnies) by adding some different scarfs.

Scarf Mixology Via. ThisGreenEyedGirl 3

Scarf Mixology Via. ThisGreenEyedGirl 5

Scarf Mixology Via. ThisGreenEyedGirl 4

Scarf Mixology Via. ThisGreenEyedGirl 2




31 Days of Transistioning to Autumn: day 3 {Mr. Fox}

So, I pretty much felt that this fall would have no credence to it without a fox sweater. I’ve been wanting one sooo long. I think I wrote about my obsession a while back right here when I found a great handmade one on Etsy.

Well, I finally wised up and just made one.

I still have a few finishing touches to put on but I thought I’d go ahead and share with y’all. Is there anything more ‘Autumn’ than a good sweater? I love sweaters.

Fox Sweater and Cords

Fox Sweater

Fox Sweater outfit via. ThisGreenEyedGirl

Fox Sweater and Cords with Vinyl

Record and Mocs via. ThisGreenEyedGirl

Sweaters via. thisgreeneyedgirl

You can find a DIY Fox Sweater tutorial here.



Black On Black

Black on Black with Plaid coat in Fall

“To those who stay put the world is but an imaginary place. But to the movers, the makers, and the shakers the world is all around them. An endless invitation.”

{thisgreeneyedgirl} Black on Black

Black on Black grunge

Black on Black with layered necklaces

You know those days when you wake up in the morning feeling like a lovely movie star? Delicate and beautiful? You then go to your closet and desire to wear pink. Many many wonderful shades of pink? Then you give yourself a manicure and your ready for your day? A day at the office, maybe.


(image found on Pinterest)

hahaha. No! Me either!!! However, I do know those days when you wake up to clouds and a little house nestled into Tennessee woods and you flip on Lana Del Rey, set it to repeat, and search out every black staple you own. You throw yourself together in a quest for an ‘elegant grunge’ effect that says to the world… today, I will be tough. Don’t mess with me. I promise! I’m not joking! I really. am. tough. Believe it! Here I come. Today, I will make art. Today, I will explore. Today will be different and special. Nothing will be mundane. I will not allow it.

Black on black on black. Some wanderlust thrown in here as I imagine what the weather in Montana is like this time of year. Some layered vintage necklaces, too. One with a broken clock. Because who really wants to know what time it is? Life is too short for that.

“I have a vision of making my life a work of art” -Lana Del Rey

“Being brave means knowing that when you fail, you don’t fail forever.” -Lana Del Rey


Layered Up Lace Dress (31 Days preview!!)

Though I miss summer already… and neon… I love layers. Fall layers are just great. They have the ability to totally transform an outfit and I think that it’s much easier to look put together in the fall. You have more details to work with.
I adore this lace dress. If I tell you how I got it I might get in trouble, but it really was thrifty of me so I feel I must. Whilst shopping at Goodwill I found a super cute aqua blouse. However, it had a stain and a run on the front. It still had the tags on it though, so I thought ‘It’s worth a shot.’ I returned the shirt in exchange for a gift card and bought this dress and actually had a dollar left over. Thus, the dress turned out to be 100% free!!!! Not sure if it was totally honest but I reasoned with myself that someone should have gotten their money back for the damaged shirt the previous owner was simply too lazy to return it. So I did it myself and got this darling dress.

Layered Up Lace Dress for Fall with Leather Purse

As you can see, it’s a tad on the short side. So I paired it with some grey cable leggings and tall boots. That’s one of the best things about fall….. BOOTS! I love boots. Especially cowboy boots, these however, are awesome too. A nice shade somewhere between grey and brown that works nicely with most every color.

Layered Up Lace Dress with messy updo

I really like this outfit. Even though the different fabrics may seem a bit much I really enjoyed the layered textures. Cable, lace, chunky sweater. It was so cozy feeling.

Lace Dress with Skinny belt and Owl NecklaceI wrapped up in a skinny belt and added the friendly owl watch on a chain, which I thought gave the ensemble a bit of charm.

Layers of Lace and VintageThe whole outfit has a very romantic feel.

Vintage Camera and Leather Thrift store purse from thisgreeneyedGirl

This old vintage camera has been very fun to toy around with. It belonged to my great uncle.

Layered Lace Dress with Cable Tights and Boots

I love this big sweater so much. It’s comfortable and relaxed and makes me feel at home even when I’m not. Invest in a nice chunky sweater this fall. You wont regret it.

Layered Lace Dress.

Have a lovely fall day, y’all. Also…. indulge in some whimsical thoughts. They enhance a windy October day. Poetry, coffee, maple leaves, lace, books, friends, nostalgia… fall thoughts to be sure.


A Book To Encourage Your Personal Style

  In this post I have written about a book that I’ve enjoyed reading which has helped me to find my own personal style and to express myself more confidently.

I have gained a lot over the past few years from the writing of Alexandra Stoddard. Though I don’t always agree with her personal beliefs she has encouraged me in graciousness, thankfulness, self expression, grace, confidence, and elegance. She has a way of adding grace to every detail.

I would recommend many of her books. Pertaining to style I would specifically recommend Daring To Be Yourself. 

The funny thing is… with a title like that, I’d probably never pick it up myself. It sounds too ‘self-help all is great cushy mushy believe in yourself’ to me. haha. BUT… maybe you don’t even know what I’m talking about right now and either way, it’s a very good book.

Definitely worth reading for personal growth.

Daring to be Yourself

You can find the book here on Amazon for as little as $0.01!!!