7 Tips to be a MORE FRUGAL FASHION-Lover

I think it’s pretty much common knowledge by now that I love pretty things and hate to pay pretty prices for them.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} 7tips for being a more frugal fashion lover

I loath that moment when I look at a price tag in a department store and the number screams out  “You’re not SERIOUSLY thinking about buying this when there are starving children in the world…… are you?”

I like thrifting. I like Goodwill.

I like to look like I like neither.

That’s the key.

Here are 7 of my most helpful tips to being a more frugal fashion lover.

1.) Scout and take note.

Scout out all your local second hand stores & low-budget friendly stores. These are two different types of stores: a thrift store that sells used clothing and a cheap store like Walmart, Dollar General, Shopko, Kmart, ect.

Take note of what you find and which are your favorites. Each one has something to offer. You may not want to buy the junky clothes from the low-budget friendly store but maybe unmentionables, tank tops, a seasonal item that will be out of style next year (ie. leopard print, neon, certain florals.)   The thrift stores usually have one highlight. One has great shoes, another an abundance of shirts, a different one has very mint condition clothes, another lowest prices, or a lot of name brands.

2.) Drive

You can’t drive every day. But if you don’t live in a super high-class rich area than save your shopping for a day where you’re going into the area with the fancy mall. There is bound to be a Goodwill or second-hand store near it. You’ll find the least worn-out best brands here. You’ll look like you just walked out of the fancy mall store.

3.) Know the sales.

Now that you’ve scouted out your favorites and taken note of what to get from them. KNOW THEIR SALES. One shop in my town has a daily sale. Wednesday is dollar shirt day. I always buy extra tops on Wednesdays. Goodwill marks down according to tag color. They’ll say ” Yellow tags 50% off.”  GO THEN!

4.) Make a plan.

Make a mental plan for what you know you want to buy. Then you may grab an extra piece that stands out to you but you’ll know what you’re looking for. It’s easier to go into Goodwill with the mentality

‘I’m only looking for a mint-condition striped shirt that looks fashionable to wear on my trip.’

Than ‘Oh…. well, is there anything I like in here?’

5.) Wait.

If you have your heart set on one thing (maxi skirt, leopard flats, cargo jacket) give it a little time. The urge might pass. If a month from now you still want it, buy it.

6.) Gather inspiration.

I get all my favorite catalogs in the mail. I scour through them. I look at my Pinterest clothing boards. ESPECIALLY before I shop. I pick out looks and outfits that I want to recreate. Then I go looking for cheaper options.

7.) Know what you like.

Know if a certain fabric hangs well on you. A certain cut flatters your curves. By taking note of the items you feel the most confident in you enable yourself to shop more biasedly and not buy as many things you wont wear.

Hope this was a tad bit helpful!!!

Happy shopping!