DIY: Jewelry Organizing Cork Board

I’ve been slowly but surely attempting to re-do and re-organize my bed and bathroom.

It’s taking a lot more time than I would like because I’m not as diligent as I should be to jump in there and get it done.

Also because I want to think every project through and do something that will last and function well in the long run, not just for a few weeks/months.

One of my projects has been jewelry. I’m sure you’ve seen this idea before but I’ll share anyway.

For organizing necklaces this is what I did.

jewelry rack



I’m sorry that I didn’t take any pictures while doing the project. MY BAD!

But it was VERY simple. Here is the step by step.


1.) Gather one paint brush of choice (I used a bristle brush but you could try a sponge brush) One can of high gloss wall paint in preferred color. One cork board. And a bag of thumb tacks. 

diys new calf sunday outfit 044



2.) Lay cork board on newspaper or something protecting your surface. Use brush to thoroughly coat cork board. Let dry. Coat again. Let dry. Two coats of paint should do it.

3.) Hang in desired location. I put three tacks in my closet door evenly aligned and hung the cork board on that. If sometimes swings a little so I intend to secure it with Velcro at the bottom.

4.) Place your thumb tacks in the cork board in what ever arrangement you prefer based on the jewelry you’ll be hanging.

5.) Hang jewelry.


random first week of july and photoshoot 080