Fashion & Photography: Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals

I’m preparing for a trip to the East Coast in August. I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve never seen that part of the country before. New Hampshire is the destination in mind. One of my best friends is getting married there, to a gal from Massachusetts. His family, groomsmen, and I are all heading up there together. ROADTRIP! Oh Yeah! You know how I feel about roadtrips…..

(I’m sure that I’ll have many posts on the subject of that road trip to put up later on!)

So, because for me so many occasions have so much to do with what to wear for them…. I’ve been doing some shopping! Today I picked up a few new things. One of them was this splendid Gold-Flecked Pull Over. (I’ve been hankering for a pullover similar to this ever since last spring’s Anthropolie catalog came to me by way of U.S. Mail.)

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals

Along with the purple tank seen underneath. XS Arie brand on sale! Score! It has a lovely little velvet trim around the top which I think adds a nice touch.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals,

I have a confession though…… I tried this pull-over on SEVERAL times before realizing… I’d been trying it on backwards!!! That’s right. AWHA moment! ‘So that’s how it goes! It looks so much better now!’ It buttons down the back. The buttons are adorable, too.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals (button detailing)

No outfit is really complete with out something vintage. In lieu of that I wore a vintage¬†gold watch and bangle (on my forearm, fashion statement ūüėČ )¬†Also, a vintage Class ring that belonged to my grandmother from 1955. I really cherish this piece, as it has nostalgic value.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals..I had paired with it a long strand of wooden beads spaced with gold seed beads which I’d tied in a knot. I really liked that look, but unfortunately it snapped in the car. I replaced it with my leather compass necklace.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals...

I’ve been thinking about shoes lately. I don’t think I put enough emphasis on them. I guess the reason is my frugal instinct. I’d rather pay less and get more which means buying clothes instead of shoes, that generally run a¬†heftier¬†price tag. BUT,¬†I’m going to try to change that.¬†You know what? I hereby make a challenge right now, to¬†take shoe-shopping on a budget¬†to¬†a whole new level. This is the¬†Frugal Shoe¬†Find Challenge!¬†I found these today at RackRoom shoes which is running a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale. These were marked down already. I love the little neon punch, especially up against the tan.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals (pairing)I took some of the photos in front of this old cottage home, which happens to be placed between my workshop & barn. This was the original homestead house back in the 1930s. I have dreams in my heart of remodeling it someday. Visions of an eclectic reclaimed decorating style and whitewashed walls. All the floors are wood. It’s two stories. Right now it houses our extra artwork & the front room serves as a storeroom for our farm products.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals (cottage)

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals (little Hen)

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} Gold Flecked PullOver and neon detailed sandals,.‘In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks’ – John Muir

ThisGreenEyedGirl} Keep Your Eyes Open

ThisGreenEyedGirl. Feather

Goodnight y’all.

(A. Byer Pull Over: Ross- $3.49 Arie Purple tank: TJMax- $3.50 Jeans: Thrifted- $7 Sandals: Rack Room Shoes- $9.99 Jewelry: Vintage- ?)



Aztec and Neon: Welcoming July

Hey there.

Well, it’s a slightly cloudy Monday here in middle Tennessee and currently I am home alone, drinking coffee, dwelling on how to go fourth into my week and also into a new month. July.¬†

Yesterday was the Lord’s day and a beautiful Lord’s day it was. We were able to celebrate the baptisms of 5 young people in our church. It brought me to tears, to be honest. Watching an 18 year old young man confess his desires to serve the Lord in so much humility and 4 young children testify that Christ saved them and they wanted to obey his command to be baptized…. wow! What a joy. It felt like we had just adopted them into our family. So real and so beautiful as if they had been orphans coming into our fold… and indeed that is just what happened. Sadly, I don’t have any photos. But I myself will carry a mental snapshot in my mind.


I’ve been slightly obsessed with two things…. among all my other obsessions. Aztec print & neon. Also, I’ve been wanting to adopt something Emerald. It’s very ‘in’ this year and a little out of my comfort zone. I believe in going to new places and trying new things, broadening your horizons… thus I intended to wear something that particular shade of green if it took me all year. However… it did¬†not¬†take me all year.

sunday outfit 1 pic 2

Aeropostale Denim Jacket: thrift store – under $5 White tank: Ross- $4 Neon Jersey Knit shirt: Shopko- clearanced $4 Emerald Aztec Maxi: Ross $13

My Mom and I, who enjoy dressing alike sometimes with our own unique twists thrown in, have been enjoying the neon trend this summer. It took her a little while to warm up to it. First she didn’t like it but by this May she was telling me ‘I just have to find something neon… I love how it looks against tan skin. It’s so fun!’ We’ve been experimenting with matching up, too. Even the four of us, she and I and Dad and Seth, Each with a different take on the colors because we’re all different, but coordinated. It’s been a lot of fun and I think it’s a small way of expressing that we’re unified and love being a family. So, back to neon. Now we all have something neon. I have two things actually. One of them is this shirt which I bought on sale because of the color but also because I LOVE jersey fabric. How it hangs, fits, breaths, flatters. LOVE IT! I always get full use out of it when I buy it and feel it worth the price. In this case, especially because it was only $4. ¬†I always encourage ¬†finding something you love and figuring out exactly¬†why¬†you love it. It helps you in the future when shopping to not end up with things you wont wear and instead end up with items you feel comfortable in and great about wearing.

sunday outfit 1

bracelets: walmart – $1

Maxis are lovely and fun. They are classy, simple, but also can be given a modern spin. I seldom pay $13 dollars for one item… yes, I’m extremely frugal. But I decided that every now and then I will splurge on some statement pieces to punch of my wardrobe. This was one of them.

sunday outfit 1 pic 5

A denim jacket is my forever-go-to. Always classy. Always in style. Always flattering. Can be dressed up or down. Gotta love it.

sunday outfit 1 pic 3

I felt pretty happy about my outfit yesterday. Something about maxis just make you feel womanly and knowing that I had chosen something to wear that met all the standards I was striving  for: lovely, modest, fashionable, flattering, and fun made me feel good.

But really, it wasn’t the outfit. I just had a lovely day. I enjoyed some wonderful conversation with some wonderful friends. I witnessed a beautiful baptism. I bonded with my church family. I heard some very uplifting teaching. I was nourished and convicted. And ¬†on the way home I saw these amazing sights:

sunday outfit 1 drive home

      I just love the sights on a Sunday drive through Tennessee!

sunday outfit 1 cattle

I love coming around the bend and seeing these Angus cattle on my ride home every Sunday evening.

sunday outfit 1 rainbow

‘I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth.’ – Gen 9: 13

I hope y’all have a gorgeous week this week. Something I’ve been praying about today was relinquishing to God a relationship in my life with someone I dearly love. Praying that God would take it over and give us peace in the relationship. Me the ability to forgive and look past the faults so that I can go on loving. Loving deeply as I should. I wanted to share that and encourage you to do the same this week. If there’s someone you just can’t seem to see in love because of how they’ve hurt you. Give it up to the Lord. Ask for his help. I’m having faith that it will change my week. My life maybe. And go ahead and wear some perfume, too. Then we’re bound to have a great week ahead (and holiday weekend!)