The Preppy Farmgirl: Plaid

Ok. So something about me is that I am a total farm-girl. A country gal. Woodsy. 99% of the time, dirty. Muddy. I wear boots. I wear jeans. I work in barns. But in between all that is a high-heel wearing, lipstick loving, fashionista. It’s just some sort of chemical imbalance I guess, that landed me somewhere between camo-wearing redneck hermit and Target dwelling preppy girly-girl. I don’t really know how it happened but I do know that I could not possibly extract either side of my personality. It’s who I am. And as far as I can tell….. it’s quite permanent. Beyond remedy. I’m doomed. I’ll always be the girl at the party wearing Nine West heels and calluses. My manicures will NEVER be perfect, as hard as I might try sometimes. But I’ve tried to learn to love that.

It’s like slightly crooked teeth or freckled cheeks. It adds personality. Originality. It’s me. I can live with that. You see my hands and no, they don’t look or feel perfect, but you see I’m a worker. I like doing things. Sweating. Creating. It’s me.

“There’s nothing interesting about looking perfect.” – Emma Watson


So, here’s my take on preppy farm-girl wear.

red 2

American Eagle Shirt: Thrift store- $1 Tank top: Ross- $4 J Crew jeans: Goodwill- $8

I’m also madly obsessed with J Crew. I love mixing their styles w/my own. Their take on trends with a dash of country. I also like how there clothes tend to fit my body. Different brands fit differently and I just like the feel of their pieces. So, I was very happy to find these jeans at goodwill. I’m also always on the look out for nice jeans that fit me well but aren’t ‘skinny jeans’ I’m not wild about the skinny jeans fad but do have a small frame and find it hard to find jeans that fit right. These were a win.

red 3

Ariat Boots: Plato’s Closet- $40

For the love of texture::::::

diy file and red outfit 188

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

red 1

For jewelry I went with some thin gold bracelets. Both vintage. One of them I wear basically all the time. It’s like a good luck charm, I guess. Except that it doesn’t bring good luck. It just sits on my wrist boringly, but with a dainty pretty affect. The other has a key on it. Keys are among my many loves. Both are vintage and came from my grandmother.

Also, I wore on the other hand an owl locket ring that I won in a giveaway from Bloom Boutique in Hohenwald TN.  & A boho beaded bangle that a friend gave me. I believe it came from Forever 21.

red 4

So, that’s about all that I have to say for the day. Besides a recommendation to go with it. Whoever you are be yourself. Except, even embrace, your differences from those stick thin spray painted models. They make you special and original.

embrace being different