Octopus Legs & Taboo

Well Hey Y’all!!!!

I’m back!

Yup, back in the South where the term ‘ y’all ‘ is nothing more than the most sensible means of communicating salutations to multiple people. Nothing strange. In fact…. simple. I’m back to the South where things are simple…. well… as simple as things can ever really be in a flawed world, on a funny farm, with a bunch of transplant Floridians living the sweaty dream.

My trip went absolutely awesome, thanks for asking! We all enjoyed ourselves immensely, I think, and formed even stronger, truer, lasting bonds with friends as we spent a wonderfully harrowing 44 hours or so in the car together.

I bought Mrs. Castille (my awesome friend & adopted aunt – or something of the sort-) a chocolate bar from Cracker Barrel (one of our ritualistic traveling stops) that had a station wagon on the front and read

‘to get you there in peace, one piece at a time’

We wove our way through Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts,  and New Hampshire.

Many hilarious and incredible experiences along the way. And a lot… A LOT… of the game taboo. Amazingly, this kept us fairly well entertained.

We stopped along the coast in Connecticut and a few of us picked up a few seashells, let our hair get that beachy wind-whipped feeling that leaves it coarse like dread-locks, and then headed to the Blue Goose Seafood restaurant.

Roadtripping: the atlantic ocean

 by the atlantic ocean

I, being from Florida, have had a good deal of seafood but I wanted to try East Coast seafood which is entirely new to me.


Clam Chowder coming up!

A few of the boys ordered steaks…. they didn’t have the stomach for the octopus legs which us braver souls dropped (almost)  unreluctantly into our mouths.

There was stuffed sole, sea bass, Manhattan clam chowder, lobster bisque, clams casino, scallops, seafood marinara, & more.

Dinner Plate from Blue Goose in Connecticut

food = smiles = milkshakes = love.

wedding trip me and kayden

OH! Speaking of love….. that’s pretty much why we went. Sean and Beka are now married. Yup…. that’s right. That shaggy, some-what awkward, fun-loving, artistic, paintball obsessed, quarter back I met when he was 14 is now married. I have to call him Mr. Castille. Well, not really. But they are now happily married and returned from their honeymoon. He’s moved his bride from Massachusetts into their sweet humble abode in middle Tennessee and thus begins the process of assimilation to southern culture, a new family, and a new life.

SO… in my next post I will tell you about the wedding! And show you a ton of pictures. There’s just so many details of the trip that I want to share that I just didn’t know where to start. So I started with the simplest approach….

Hello…….. this is what we ate!

until next time,



9 Days to Go: Organizing the Luggage part 1

So, I’ve always loved roadtripping. I love travel. Seeing new places. I love snapping pictures of road signs and I’m really a dork…. I have a notebook full of post cards I’ve been collecting.
But isn’t this the catch for all of us…..


The count down is on. I’m leaving in 9 days to go to New Hampshire. You can pretty much plan to see a lot of posts leading up to it and a lot of post with pictures after I get home. But right now the issue on my mind is packing. Luggage. Organizing. Planning outfits. Ect.

There will be between 16 & 19 people traveling together in 2 cars. Yes. You read that rightly. Soooo…. the question on the table is how to consolidate and pack in the most orderly fashion.

One of my favorite organizers online is Alejandra. My Mom got me hooked on her videos. She has to be one of the most delightfully neurotic people in the world! She’s super orderly. Amazingly organized. Her videos are very detailed. Go here to see her awesome website.

So, for tips on packing I went straight for this video.


I hope this was helpful and inspirational for you, too. I’m sure I’ll post more of her videos but be sure to look her up if you aspire to be a more organized individual.


Fashion & Photography: Roadtrippin’ in the high-low skirt

Hi y’all,

Today I went roadtrippin’ a little bit. Spent the day heading over to Winchester Tennessee.

I happen to Adore Vintage 1969-1974 Broncos…… so yeah, I’d love one as a project vehicle some day. Something to refurbish. Some gals love the VW Busses… and I do too, but these are just that to me. They are like those cute busses but with my personality. A little bit tough and rough to go with their cuteness. They’re 4×4. I just love ’em. And guess what, I ran across a vintage bronco restoration shop in Fayetville, Tn. today.

And saw this…..

roadtripping and highlow outfit

She’s adorable. Needs some work… a paint job, but REALLY! A diamond in the rough.

Could be similar to this one day….

1970 bronco

1970 bronco AmericanListed.com

The sight-seeing was nice, too. I love roadtripping.


The scenery reminded me of sweet home Alabama. I grew up in the North Florida Lower Alabama area and love the look of the rolling fields planted with crops.

The sun lingered in the sky lovely and set lovely. I was so fascinated watching it transform the clouds. BEAUTIFUL. I took so many pictures. But… alas, I can only post so many. So here are a few of it making it’s way down to the tree line and the sky growing dark.

“His splendor was like the sunrise; rays flashed from his hand, where his power was hidden” -Habakkuk 3:4

roadtripping sunset

Pointing us on our way…

roadtrip arrow

“May every sunrise hold more hope and every sunset hold more peace.”

roadtrip sunset

On my mental bucket list is to ride one of these….

roadtripping hot air baloon

I spotted it coming home through Springhill.

They weren’t giving rides (a private party only) but it sure was neat to stand by and exhilarating to watch take off and flame up.  An interesting photography subject.

I wanted to wear something fun today. Something to go with my small adventure.

I was rolling with several trends here….

roadtripping outfit pic

Chambray Shirt: thrift store & price unknown High-Low Skirt: gift from my mom, Walmart (less than $20) Forever 21 Turquoise Shirt: Thrift Store- $1

The high-low trend, the belted trend, the chambray trend, and the blue/grey trend. (that last one may not be a “trend” exactly but I love the color combos right now, especially turquoise and grey.)

My shoes tend to alternate through-out the day based on the clock and my comfort level. Most of the day they were flip-flops. But I also liked these, my take on moccasins, to match the belt. These are a few of the day’s accessories… (the glasses are substituting for contacts right now, until my order comes in. But I’m trying to embrace it.)

roadtrip accesories

Belt: Rue 21- $7 (I think) Shoes: Payless- $17 (a Christmas splurge)

I was also wanting to try a hot-pink lip. The reason for this was an inspiring Pinterest image of dark hair, glasses, and pink lip. I’ve been experimenting with different makeup ideas to go with the glasses. So, I stopped at Target and picked up a fuchsia lipstick for $1.99 Wet N Wild 965 Cherry Picking

the fuchsia lip

Although, I feel a little silly posting a picture detailing my lipstick selection. Oh well.

There’s no time to be shy in a world where you just have to build your own wings.

“She took her leap and built her wings on the way down.”


I hope each and every one of you has a charmed day tomorrow and week ahead. I have to say, that I really didn’t do anything all that grand today. But, in my mind, I thought of it as an adventure, however small. It made all the difference. Perspective is everything. Knowing that I’ll never get today back and relishing every moment of it. Breathing in the laughter. Taking in the sunset. Musing in the way the clouds move. Singing along with the radio (especially when we blasted my favorite song “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers, with the sunroof open & windows down driving through charming little Winchester Tennessee). All of it…. take it all in. Know life is what you make it, make it an adventure.