Retracing My Own Steps: another look at modesty

Hi y’all.

I’ve been thinking lately, about modesty.

I live in a rural community and am blessed to have a support network of strong Christians. Many of whom are not only Godly Christians but strong in reformed beliefs, meaning they take every area of their lives and weigh it against the word of God. They’re always ‘reforming’ They are on meat not milk. Topics such as modesty are entirely common. It’s barely an issue. Woman I know are clothed beautifully and appropriately. It’s not a new concept around me.

I am the only daughter in my family. I basically set my own trends. I love clothes but also hate to be shackled by them. I love fashion and yet I often times feel like streaking around in boots and over-alls with out giving one iota whether or not it’s lady-like. After all, I have work to do. And indeed, I believe there is a time and place for that. I strive for balance. That’s life, always striving for the balance somewhere between the two ditches on either side of the narrow way. However…. somewhere along the way, I found that I really didn’t know what I thought about modesty. I didn’t know what it truly mattered. For the most part, in my mind, modesty had become 85% about attitude, heart-motives, and appropriateness based on occasion and location and very little to do with actual lines in the sand on what is acceptable. Beyond that, it had more or less become a joking matter. An obsession for some… certainly not me. Now, I seldom actually found myself wearing something that I would indeed consider immodest. It was mostly mental. Until one day I did have a wake up call. 

My own little brother was confused about why his sister, his sister that is supposed to be influencing him to be the man he should be and respect women, was wearing what she was. WOW. That was the burn. That was the wake up. The conviction.

Time to retrace my own steps and take another look at modesty. Why had I stopped truly feeling the importance of it for each and every one of us? Why had it stopped being a burden on my heart when every day men our treated with devastating disregard and girls taught to disregard their own dignity, also?

I had grown weary of well doing. I had lost the spark because it had become every day. Something of the past. The old issue. Fallen by the wayside as less important.

Do not grow weary in well doing, friends. We are all called to a higher calling. Every day. Every time we get dressed to go out. It’s not something old school. Something of the past. An old issue of less importance now.

weary in well doing made by renee stokes

                                                                SEEK BEAUTY> LOVELINESS> HONOR> RESPECT> DIGNITY> GRACE

Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose. – G Bruce Boyer