Chocolate and Plumb: ready for adventures

Hi y’all! I hope you’re having a brilliant sunshiny day.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I love this outfit. If I do say so myself.

july photoshoot 2

New York & Company Skirt: Goodwill 1/2 price- $2.40 Ann Taylor Loft Shirt: Goodwill 1/2 price $2

It’s really more of a Fall outfit but I went ahead and wore it for a supper engagement last night.

july photoshoot 3

I love the shoes on the road, it makes me think of heading for an adventure.

july photo shoes

Massimo Shoes: Goodwill- $8

I love the personality punch of the  chocolate colored vest.

july photoooo

I love the skirt because I think everyone needs at least one perfect denim skirt. One that matches everything, fits just right, looks just right. Yeah. It’s a staple.

july photoshoot

Ann Taylor Loft Vest: thrift store- $5 I think

I even love the simple shirt. The dusty plumb color and the draped neckline. It’s Ann Taylor Loft.  I bought it from Goodwill, though, of course.

july phototototot

Necklace charm: Fossil- Thrift store find. Chain: Vintage from my Grandmother

The necklace is one of my favorite necklaces to wear. I got it from my favorite thrift store. I have a booth in this store. Centerville Market Place. It’s a lovely little store. The owner is quite nice, too, and we’ve developed a friendship. You can read a bit about the store here. I’d say the same of the necklace. For some reason it has a unique vibe and the arrow just makes me feel as if I’m headed in a new direction. Going on an adventure. I suppose I’m reading a lot into it, but we all have our nostalgic little feelings about our favorite pieces. That’s why they’re our favorites…. right?

me . july photoshoot

Gold Hoop Earings: Vintage clip ons Pink Studs: Walmart pack of 12 $3

I braided a small braid to the side of my hair with my bangs. I’m really into the ‘hair braids’ fashion right now. It’s perfect for summer. Usually I blow dry my hair. But lately I’ve been air drying it which has given it plenty of texture. Then I throw it up into a pony tail or messy bun with a little braid and it just seems so fresh, quick, a simple. That’s exactly what I’m after for Summer. You don’t want to look all made up in Summer. It’s better to have some light fresh make up and some easy-going hair and be on your way. On your way to an adventure!

The flowers were the biggest must. I love flowers. I really do. Especially wild flowers!

“All good things are wild and free.”

me july photos

And I especially especially! love wild flowers in your hair!

“Get over your hill and see.. what you find there, with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.” – Mumford and Sons

Have a wonderful charmed day today and go on a Summery adventure!!!