31 Days of Transistioning to Autumn: day four {Work to Warmth}

  “Draw me ever on life’s journey – Rendered thus to understand- As a songbird that has fallen – Only to regain the sky – From this frozen shadow valley – Lay my sweary head.

Love is from no distance calling – faithful as the rising sun – warms the bitter heart and heartache – Til the east of Eden’s gone – Clouds of fear and misconception – wax and wane as if the moon – so is in a sense forgotten – Til the will of God be known “

I walked out onto the porch of the log cabin, a friend’s baby on my hip, and looked out over the land. Lush. Ready to be tended. The sun was setting low. Pink sky. A day’s work done. Trying to dry home in for the coming winter. Each of us coming inside, chinking on our hands, to fix a cup of coffee. I rub chickweed salve on my palms, blistering from the lime in the mortar. Ladies cooking over the open fire in the yard. Slowly, we all gather round in the kitchen to bless the food. Quiet prayer. Food fixed, so satisfying at the end of the day, we sit down together. On the steps, in chairs pulled out to the porch, and in the handmade hammock swinging gently. We share stories. Sip coffee. It has the marks of an autumn eve, soft breeze, hot coffee, cinnamon cookies.

And through it all I think to myself  ‘This is a life. A life to build on.’

Life isn’t bliss. It isn’t easy. It isn’t love at first sight or fairytales. Not for most of us.

It’s work. Sometimes, hard work. To build a life takes work.

Work via. thisgreeneyedgirl A 31 Days post on the transition from work to love.

It is from work that warmth of heart comes. Satisfaction at a job well done. Bonds made side by side. Staying on next to someone when things grow tough. Remaining at their side when life throws hard times. It’s sweat. It’s toil. It’s quiet mountain evenings on the porch at the end of the day. Gentle strength.

It begins in work and transitions to love…

Love begins and transitions into needful work…..

Never one with out the other, stagnant. They are forever joined hand in hand.

Gracefully transitioning in and out of one another intertwined as the bramble and the rose. But it brings me peace. It’s those who never know work, toil, accomplishment that never know true gain. Never know that warmth of heart at the end of the day.