8 Days to Go: Exporting Southernality

There’s 8 days left on the countdown. Next Sunday I travel home with the Castille family…. to my second home. To morning cups of coffee sitting around the bar discussing spiritual battles with Mrs. Castille and Rachel. To night hugs from the three littles. Then off we all head two days later to New Hampshire.

I’ve been making lists… because I’m a total list maker, of all the things to pack, accomplish before hands, not forget to do/buy/take.

Today I am blessed to be a part of the barn raising before I leave town. I’m glad not to have missed it. I’ve not actually got hammer in hand but I did feed the menfolk. Mom and I, that is. And it’s rained off and on all day which sadly, put a dent in some of the work plans. But they were all good spirited about it and I couldn’t help but be a little bit glad inside because it forced everyone in for a coffee break and bonding time. I love those!

The dear friends that are here today helping us are from Alabama. Now, I have long since had a love of things Alabamian. My mother is from Alabama. I assure you, nothing quite has a power of you like a woman from Alabama standing in front of you with a tray of hot biscuits! I grew up in North Florida/Lower Alabama. I spent a lot of time in Dothan. Driving through cotton fields. Anyway…. I’ll try to get back to the point.

Alabama = good things.

Alabama = nice people.

I’m a southerner and proud of it. I love to think that maybe one day I would live up to the term Southern Belle. I don’t know if I will but in my heart this is my aspiration. There is no Yankee blood in veins. In fact, there is quite a bit of Alabama in me. I’m hoping to live up to it.

The family here today graces everyone they meet. They are charming, polite, gentlemanly southerners.

So, I was thinking about my trip. My trip NORTH 

I was thinking ‘Will I represent the grace and beauty of the South?’

Can I export southernality?

I made another little list of things to take and hung it on my wall. It didn’t even begin to encompass all the things that it means to be a gracious southern woman, but it gave me a few reminders to see daily of what I ought to do to live up to my Alabama roots. Maybe I can take those reminders with me and bear the flag with honor. Export a little southern tradition and culture to the sadly deprived northern land.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} graphic How to Act More Southern

‘The South…. where tea is sweet, our words are long, the days are warm, and our faith is strong’


‘The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated southern woman.’ ~ Winston Churchill