The Grateful Project {link in}

Hey Y’all!!!

I was snooping around the web today, looking for blog help and inspiration, and found the lovely blog ‘GreatFun4Kids’
This lady has a ton of helpful tips and I was thrilled to find her.

I stumbled upon her ‘link ins’ One of them was THE GRATEFUL PROJECT.  She challenges all to share 5 things they’re grateful for.  I absolutely love this idea and I’m super excited to participate as there are few things on earth more important to the human soul and glorification of God than simple gratitude. Gratitude in and for all things at all times.

You can read her post here.

Here are 5 of the things I’m grateful for.

{ThisGreenEyedGirl} 5 Things I'm Grateful blog link in

1.) My family. Yeah, yeah. That sounds cliché`. The obligatory first thing on the list. But not really! I love my fam and want to list them.

2.) My walk with the Lord. I’m saved by grace and thankful for it.

3.) My friends. I’m happy to say I have some great friends in my life.

4.) My Farm. I’m blessed to live on a beautiful and productive farm.

5.) My health and abilities. So many people suffer with incurable illnesses that give them discomfort daily.

BONUS! 6.) I’m totally thankful for beautiful Tennessee weather!! Including awesome sunsets like the one in that photo.