Packing Tips for Organizing Luggage (3 days to go)

packing tips for organizing your luggage (thisgreeneyedgirl)

I did a series of posts on organizing my luggage for my upcoming trip to the East Coast.

I began with a video from professional organizer, Alejandra. She has great tips for organizing every area of your home. She’s brilliant. I highly recommend her website.

Here is her detailed video on organizing your suitcase.

I have lofty expectations for what my next suitcase will be but for now…. I went thrifting. I bought this suitcase for $20 and did the best I could in the absence of Alejandra’s obsessive organizing brilliance and an abundance of funding. This is my first attempt at video blogging so please excuse the low quality. I’ll learn!


And here is the next video I did on organizing my personal care/ make up/ bathroom bag and my travel purse.


This is a list of tips I came up with for packing well.

1.) Make a list!!!!!

I’m a huge list maker. I make a list before going to the grocery store, of what I want to get done, before I take a trip, ect. Make a list in order to make your other lists if you need to. Meaning, make a list of events and demands/priorities for the trip.

For instance:

Ski Trip, Birthday Party, Church, and day on the town.

Now you can list the items you want to remember:

ski gear (coat, skis, helmets— what ever people pack for that? ;) ) party dress, nice outfit, comfortable casual outfit, pajamas for three nights… ect

2.) Roll & Bag

This keeps things nice and compact. By rolling clothes you keep things snug, fit more in a space, and hopefully prevent some wrinkling. By bagging things you keep dirtier items like shoes from getting other things dirty or you protect the clean items in the bag from anything they might come against. You can bag make up in order to keep it organized, easy to find, and clean.

3.) Throw in a few extras for just in case.

Whatever you think you might need is probably a good idea to take… if it fits. That extra sweater or swimsuit.

4.) Pack wipes & grocery bags.

I plan to do this for sure to help me keep things extra tidy.


I hope this post was helpful in some small way!