Layered Up Lace Dress (31 Days preview!!)

Though I miss summer already… and neon… I love layers. Fall layers are just great. They have the ability to totally transform an outfit and I think that it’s much easier to look put together in the fall. You have more details to work with.
I adore this lace dress. If I tell you how I got it I might get in trouble, but it really was thrifty of me so I feel I must. Whilst shopping at Goodwill I found a super cute aqua blouse. However, it had a stain and a run on the front. It still had the tags on it though, so I thought ‘It’s worth a shot.’ I returned the shirt in exchange for a gift card and bought this dress and actually had a dollar left over. Thus, the dress turned out to be 100% free!!!! Not sure if it was totally honest but I reasoned with myself that someone should have gotten their money back for the damaged shirt the previous owner was simply too lazy to return it. So I did it myself and got this darling dress.

Layered Up Lace Dress for Fall with Leather Purse

As you can see, it’s a tad on the short side. So I paired it with some grey cable leggings and tall boots. That’s one of the best things about fall….. BOOTS! I love boots. Especially cowboy boots, these however, are awesome too. A nice shade somewhere between grey and brown that works nicely with most every color.

Layered Up Lace Dress with messy updo

I really like this outfit. Even though the different fabrics may seem a bit much I really enjoyed the layered textures. Cable, lace, chunky sweater. It was so cozy feeling.

Lace Dress with Skinny belt and Owl NecklaceI wrapped up in a skinny belt and added the friendly owl watch on a chain, which I thought gave the ensemble a bit of charm.

Layers of Lace and VintageThe whole outfit has a very romantic feel.

Vintage Camera and Leather Thrift store purse from thisgreeneyedGirl

This old vintage camera has been very fun to toy around with. It belonged to my great uncle.

Layered Lace Dress with Cable Tights and Boots

I love this big sweater so much. It’s comfortable and relaxed and makes me feel at home even when I’m not. Invest in a nice chunky sweater this fall. You wont regret it.

Layered Lace Dress.

Have a lovely fall day, y’all. Also…. indulge in some whimsical thoughts. They enhance a windy October day. Poetry, coffee, maple leaves, lace, books, friends, nostalgia… fall thoughts to be sure.



7 Tips to be a MORE FRUGAL FASHION-Lover

I think it’s pretty much common knowledge by now that I love pretty things and hate to pay pretty prices for them.

{thisgreeneyedgirl} 7tips for being a more frugal fashion lover

I loath that moment when I look at a price tag in a department store and the number screams out  “You’re not SERIOUSLY thinking about buying this when there are starving children in the world…… are you?”

I like thrifting. I like Goodwill.

I like to look like I like neither.

That’s the key.

Here are 7 of my most helpful tips to being a more frugal fashion lover.

1.) Scout and take note.

Scout out all your local second hand stores & low-budget friendly stores. These are two different types of stores: a thrift store that sells used clothing and a cheap store like Walmart, Dollar General, Shopko, Kmart, ect.

Take note of what you find and which are your favorites. Each one has something to offer. You may not want to buy the junky clothes from the low-budget friendly store but maybe unmentionables, tank tops, a seasonal item that will be out of style next year (ie. leopard print, neon, certain florals.)   The thrift stores usually have one highlight. One has great shoes, another an abundance of shirts, a different one has very mint condition clothes, another lowest prices, or a lot of name brands.

2.) Drive

You can’t drive every day. But if you don’t live in a super high-class rich area than save your shopping for a day where you’re going into the area with the fancy mall. There is bound to be a Goodwill or second-hand store near it. You’ll find the least worn-out best brands here. You’ll look like you just walked out of the fancy mall store.

3.) Know the sales.

Now that you’ve scouted out your favorites and taken note of what to get from them. KNOW THEIR SALES. One shop in my town has a daily sale. Wednesday is dollar shirt day. I always buy extra tops on Wednesdays. Goodwill marks down according to tag color. They’ll say ” Yellow tags 50% off.”  GO THEN!

4.) Make a plan.

Make a mental plan for what you know you want to buy. Then you may grab an extra piece that stands out to you but you’ll know what you’re looking for. It’s easier to go into Goodwill with the mentality

‘I’m only looking for a mint-condition striped shirt that looks fashionable to wear on my trip.’

Than ‘Oh…. well, is there anything I like in here?’

5.) Wait.

If you have your heart set on one thing (maxi skirt, leopard flats, cargo jacket) give it a little time. The urge might pass. If a month from now you still want it, buy it.

6.) Gather inspiration.

I get all my favorite catalogs in the mail. I scour through them. I look at my Pinterest clothing boards. ESPECIALLY before I shop. I pick out looks and outfits that I want to recreate. Then I go looking for cheaper options.

7.) Know what you like.

Know if a certain fabric hangs well on you. A certain cut flatters your curves. By taking note of the items you feel the most confident in you enable yourself to shop more biasedly and not buy as many things you wont wear.

Hope this was a tad bit helpful!!!

Happy shopping!


The Preppy Farmgirl: Plaid

Ok. So something about me is that I am a total farm-girl. A country gal. Woodsy. 99% of the time, dirty. Muddy. I wear boots. I wear jeans. I work in barns. But in between all that is a high-heel wearing, lipstick loving, fashionista. It’s just some sort of chemical imbalance I guess, that landed me somewhere between camo-wearing redneck hermit and Target dwelling preppy girly-girl. I don’t really know how it happened but I do know that I could not possibly extract either side of my personality. It’s who I am. And as far as I can tell….. it’s quite permanent. Beyond remedy. I’m doomed. I’ll always be the girl at the party wearing Nine West heels and calluses. My manicures will NEVER be perfect, as hard as I might try sometimes. But I’ve tried to learn to love that.

It’s like slightly crooked teeth or freckled cheeks. It adds personality. Originality. It’s me. I can live with that. You see my hands and no, they don’t look or feel perfect, but you see I’m a worker. I like doing things. Sweating. Creating. It’s me.

“There’s nothing interesting about looking perfect.” – Emma Watson


So, here’s my take on preppy farm-girl wear.

red 2

American Eagle Shirt: Thrift store- $1 Tank top: Ross- $4 J Crew jeans: Goodwill- $8

I’m also madly obsessed with J Crew. I love mixing their styles w/my own. Their take on trends with a dash of country. I also like how there clothes tend to fit my body. Different brands fit differently and I just like the feel of their pieces. So, I was very happy to find these jeans at goodwill. I’m also always on the look out for nice jeans that fit me well but aren’t ‘skinny jeans’ I’m not wild about the skinny jeans fad but do have a small frame and find it hard to find jeans that fit right. These were a win.

red 3

Ariat Boots: Plato’s Closet- $40

For the love of texture::::::

diy file and red outfit 188

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

red 1

For jewelry I went with some thin gold bracelets. Both vintage. One of them I wear basically all the time. It’s like a good luck charm, I guess. Except that it doesn’t bring good luck. It just sits on my wrist boringly, but with a dainty pretty affect. The other has a key on it. Keys are among my many loves. Both are vintage and came from my grandmother.

Also, I wore on the other hand an owl locket ring that I won in a giveaway from Bloom Boutique in Hohenwald TN.  & A boho beaded bangle that a friend gave me. I believe it came from Forever 21.

red 4

So, that’s about all that I have to say for the day. Besides a recommendation to go with it. Whoever you are be yourself. Except, even embrace, your differences from those stick thin spray painted models. They make you special and original.

embrace being different


Chocolate and Plumb: ready for adventures

Hi y’all! I hope you’re having a brilliant sunshiny day.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I love this outfit. If I do say so myself.

july photoshoot 2

New York & Company Skirt: Goodwill 1/2 price- $2.40 Ann Taylor Loft Shirt: Goodwill 1/2 price $2

It’s really more of a Fall outfit but I went ahead and wore it for a supper engagement last night.

july photoshoot 3

I love the shoes on the road, it makes me think of heading for an adventure.

july photo shoes

Massimo Shoes: Goodwill- $8

I love the personality punch of the  chocolate colored vest.

july photoooo

I love the skirt because I think everyone needs at least one perfect denim skirt. One that matches everything, fits just right, looks just right. Yeah. It’s a staple.

july photoshoot

Ann Taylor Loft Vest: thrift store- $5 I think

I even love the simple shirt. The dusty plumb color and the draped neckline. It’s Ann Taylor Loft.  I bought it from Goodwill, though, of course.

july phototototot

Necklace charm: Fossil- Thrift store find. Chain: Vintage from my Grandmother

The necklace is one of my favorite necklaces to wear. I got it from my favorite thrift store. I have a booth in this store. Centerville Market Place. It’s a lovely little store. The owner is quite nice, too, and we’ve developed a friendship. You can read a bit about the store here. I’d say the same of the necklace. For some reason it has a unique vibe and the arrow just makes me feel as if I’m headed in a new direction. Going on an adventure. I suppose I’m reading a lot into it, but we all have our nostalgic little feelings about our favorite pieces. That’s why they’re our favorites…. right?

me . july photoshoot

Gold Hoop Earings: Vintage clip ons Pink Studs: Walmart pack of 12 $3

I braided a small braid to the side of my hair with my bangs. I’m really into the ‘hair braids’ fashion right now. It’s perfect for summer. Usually I blow dry my hair. But lately I’ve been air drying it which has given it plenty of texture. Then I throw it up into a pony tail or messy bun with a little braid and it just seems so fresh, quick, a simple. That’s exactly what I’m after for Summer. You don’t want to look all made up in Summer. It’s better to have some light fresh make up and some easy-going hair and be on your way. On your way to an adventure!

The flowers were the biggest must. I love flowers. I really do. Especially wild flowers!

“All good things are wild and free.”

me july photos

And I especially especially! love wild flowers in your hair!

“Get over your hill and see.. what you find there, with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.” – Mumford and Sons

Have a wonderful charmed day today and go on a Summery adventure!!!